AmiFox WWW Browser for 68k Released

Date 6-Mar-2023 10:30:44
Topic: software Classic

A new type of browser for Classic Amiga is ready for the Public! Alb42, McDope, and I are proud to present a totally new way to surf the web with an Amiga home computer.

AmiFox is not an ordinary web browser. Instead, it is a WWW (which stands for World Wide Web) browser with additional features. In this WWW browser, you can see almost every webpage as they should. Except for the video content on web pages. Gaming online is also very limited. But apart from these exceptions. AmiFox gives the WWW experience a totally new meaning for many Amiga users.

This very first release of AmiFox requires an Amiga with 68020+ and 8MB of RAM + Hard Drive, Ethernet connection, and MUI 3.8 installed. It will work on OCS, ECS, AGA, and RTG. (scroll down the page for the download link)

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