New Intuitive Computer Interface Project

Date 27-Oct-2003 20:31:42
Topic: News

Mitch Kapor, founder of Lotus developments and a respected software programmer is heading a team of software Engineers in an attempt to create a new, more Intuitive computer interface that "could change the way we manage our digital lives"

Codenamed "Chandler", it's an open-source project funded quite heavily by Mitch himself, and supported by such historic software Engineers as Andy Hertzfeld, famous for work on the original MAC Operating System; and Lou Montulli, one of the founders of Netscape.

The aim is to create a revolutionary type of computer interface which groups all forms of data into one place and allows the user to access them all from one program - Chandler. The hope is that Chandler will bring the power of computers back to who it matters to most - the users.

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