Poseidon Crack Spread

Date 5-Nov-2003 12:37:19
Topic: News

Yesterday, USB Stack Author Chris Hodges released on his website an account of how he has discovered several mailing lists are carrying messages detailing on how to crack his program.

According to Chris Hodges, this happened under the fake name "Dan Gaines" and, as a smoekescreen, by using a freemailer in London as well as an anonymous proxy located in the UK. But the high amount of grammar mistakes in the posting would make it unlikely that this person was a native speaker. "Dan Gaines" would have been registered only a week ago, by which this seems to be a thoughtfully planned assault.

As the author states, the effects on the development of Poseidon are still to be considered - but the effect on his motivation would have been already devastating.

Read his account from his website.

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