TvR 2.8 for TV tuner in Mediator

Date 21-Jul-2005 1:38:32
Topic: Software News

A new version of the TvR program by Robert Krajcarz is now available. This program enables control of any TV tuner PCI card working in the Elbox Mediator.

In TvR 2.8, saving video sequence is implemented. The MUTE function in the main window has changed, and ToolTypes are supported in the program icon.

Basic info about TvR you can find in this news.

The archive with TvR program and skins (and a set facilitating their creation) are available here:
TvR ver.2.8 main program,
TvR Skins,
TvR Skins ToolKIT.

The TvR program page (in Polish only) is located on PPA news sevice.

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