MAG at Big Bash 3

Date 17-Sep-2005 14:42:48
Topic: Events

Since BB3 will be landing in Peterborough in 7 days we thought might like to have a brief run down of what the Midland Amiga Group will be bringing you. On our stand we will have:

- AmigaOne XE-G4 running AmigaOS4 (Update 3)
- UAE running on an X-Box
- Classic Amiga (Either a Towered A1200 or an A4000)
- POSSIBLY FuZion's Sega Saturn... Why? See here (Post here if you wanna see it live).

Software on show will include:

- E-UAE (WHD games booting straight in), ScummVM games, MAME, WipeOut 2097 (Warp3D), Earth 2140, Beats of Rage, SDL games & demos, LAN games of Quake, Quake 2 & Freespace with SEAL & possibly ANT, RDesktop, RC-FTPd, MPlayer playing enctypted DVD's, AmigaAmp, DVPlayer & of course lots more...

We are also bringing down various pieces of Hardware & Software for that money that keeps falling out of that hole in your pocket.

See the MAG website for more info on MAG & our members, location & dates of meetings as they are arranged, a few Workbench backgrounds that you may have seen here at as well as our new range of merchandise (Mugs, Mouse Mats, T-Shirts... All sorts).

Of course, not forgetting all of the other exhibitors that will be present. Watch for those news items as this week flies by.

If you don't already know BB3 is to be held at Stafford Hall, Hampton Court, Westwood, Peterborough. See you there.

Links to check out: <<< There's loads of info here

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