Digital Almanac III is FREEWARE!

Date 3-Mar-2006 21:46:19
Topic: Software News

Achim Stegemann has made his well-known astronomy software "Digital Almanac III" freeware.

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After leaving the Amiga community in early 2005 Achim Stegemann now presents his astronomy software to the community:

Fairly good translation follows

from the Digital Almanac website:

My present to the Amiga community!

The latest CD-Version of Digital Almanac III is available on Aminet

Attention! The size is approx. 400 MB!
To Download just follow the above link!


o Please read the readme-file!
o Due to the fact the sourcecode of this version is from the year 2003, some errors have been accumulated with some data from the net, especially the asteroids-data format has changed. Therefore the import of those data isn't possible anymore. Coder that are seriously interested in enhancing and porting this software should get in touch with me. eMail address in the Aminet-readme.
o Otherwise every support from me has been cancelled for this product. The source code is available on Aminet, too.
o A complete list of all Digital Almanac products on Aminet is reachable via this link.

There is a little error that made it in the Aminet name.
The version there is NOT 5.7, it's 5.6, the update to 5.7 is available from the above link, too.
(Errare humanum est! - Damn, what the right translation for that in english?)

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