Minimig Firmware Update

Date 14-Sep-2009 23:32:40
Topic: Software News

Jakub has released a new update for all the Minimig owners with the ARM controller:

(Pre-existing thread before news submittal is here).


Changes and new features:

ARM firmware - support for:

- MMC/SD/SDHC cards
- FAT16/FAT32 filesystems
- subfolders (unlimited number of entries and depth)
- Long File Names
- alphabetical sorting of entries
- selection of files and subfolders with a keypress
- scrolling of entries with PgUp/PgDn/Home keys
- selection of parent directory with Backspace key
- up to 4 virtual floppy drives
- up to 2 hard files emulating A600/A1200 hard disk controller (up to 4095 MB each)
- optional higher memory card transfer speed (requires simple hardware modification - highly recommended)
- firmware upgrades directly from the memory card

FPGA - new features:

- improved system timing (blitter, CIAs, ROM)
- minor compatibility improvements (CIA access, INTREQ)
- support for two virtual hard disks
- implemented alliasing of custom register space (Kickstart 1.2 now works)

Upgrade instructions is included readme file.

Download and read via files and forum links below.

Firmware Upgrade Files

Minimig Discussion Forum

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