Cube 1: 3D FPS , bugfix release !

Date 20-Nov-2010 17:54:38
Topic: hardware OS4

10 days ago we release a port of well-known and good 3d fps game based on cube engine called "cube: 1". The news item with screenshots and videos are here.

But sadly to say, it was unplayable just because of one major bug : game uses glReadPixel() function for founding the chords with refers to Z-component, which our warp3d/minigl can't handle at all for now.

The result was bugs like "you fire in air like to the wall", "fire from grenade kill yourself", "you cant fire to anyone" and so on. So, after some pestering on forums I found one man with nickname "Tempest", who replaced the read_depth function to make it work not with glReadPixel + z_buffer, but by SANE method (sin/cos/etc), and as result we have for now, a fully working game.

So all the greetings should be gone to that man with nickname "Tempest", who was interested about all these AmigaOS4 videos, and because of that he was interested to help.

The other minor fixes:
-- new icons done by cha05e90
-- binary compiled statically (no more sobj-hell)
-- fixing archive itself (previous version was a bit badly packed, just because of some wrong bits set for some files by default).

You can grab new archive from os4depot (for the moment in upload query, so be sure that you download the new one and not the old one).

If someone can set-up a cube server for now (even on Win32, but AOS4 server binary works too), and can share for us an address and so on , we can have some fun with

For now I have only tested it locally by running the server binary, and then by starting 2 instances of the client, and connecting them to the server (just to see that both players are on the map). All was fine and works.

Enjoy !

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