Tower57 for the Amiga Tabor announced, video available

Date 18-Feb-2017 1:22:46
Topic: Software News

This last Monday, Hyperion Entertainment, caretaker and developer of AmigaOS, not only announced that the Chaos Engine-esque third person top down shooter Tower57 - financed by a Kickstarter fund raiser - is in the works for the Amiga Tabor, but also showed the first video portraying the version targeting the upcoming Amiga system.

If what is seen in the video is a good representation of the final product, Amiga gamers can look forward to some colourful and intense action with framerates in the mid 30s, with occasional peeks in the upper 40s. Allegedly, the current build should have room for further optimization since the blog post detailing the shooting frenzy states that the most recent version uses a software rendering pipeline, and hints at upcoming hardware acceleration. Future versions may, the post concludes, push the envelope further.

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