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RPi3 + Amibian
Posted on 27-Nov-2016 17:06:57
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Regular Member
Joined: 1-Jun-2013
Posts: 480
From: USA

I downloaded the Amibian file, unzipped it, and copied it to a blank 8GB uSDcard. Put the card in the RPi3 and it booted.
Followed the ReadMe instructions and expanded the SDcard to max.

Next I went to put some ROMs and Workbench files on from my Amiga Forever CD....... ACK! I got the CD case, but no CD. I'll have to get another.

I do not have windows so I transferd the image with Linux using;

sudo dd bs=4M if=./amibian/amibian1.313.img of=/dev/sdc

So Far, so good.

This will give me Linux, RiscOS, and AmigaOS on a RPi3.

We the people....

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Re: RPi3 + Amibian
Posted on 28-Nov-2016 4:08:29
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Super Member
Joined: 18-Aug-2003
Posts: 1278
From: Under The Moon - Howling in the Blue Grass


Have fun!

Curious about Amibian performance . . .

Avatar babe - Monica Bellucci.

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Re: RPi3 + Amibian
Posted on 29-Nov-2016 18:28:39
#3 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 9-Mar-2003
Posts: 787
From: United Kingdom


Nice I just got my RPI3 a few days ago, installed Retropie on the SDCard, got it running - then tried to add some roms in windows - but its only recognized as 40 mb instead of 32 GB,

It no longer boots on the pie and I cannot get windows to fix/delete/reformat partitions.

Apparently Windows does not recognize linux partitions.

I think i read I need format fat32 4k . just need remove linux partitions.

All I have is Cygwin until another microSD card comes through the post :(.

I will be installing Amibian and create a working environment to use Amiga until I get my hands on the A1222.

I hope to create my own micro Amiga case to put it in.

Last edited by asymetrix on 29-Nov-2016 at 06:31 PM.

Download 125.64 Mbps, 11.69 Mbps Upload :)

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Re: RPi3 + Amibian
Posted on 29-Nov-2016 20:48:40
#4 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 1-Jun-2013
Posts: 480
From: USA


Seems like you should be able to do everything on the RPi3. If you need to transfer stuff from windows perhaps copy it to a FAT32 USB stick then put that in the RPi to copy it to there.(?).

I'll be back.

We the people....

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Re: RPi3 + Amibian
Posted on 29-Nov-2016 23:54:56
#5 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 1-Jun-2013
Posts: 480
From: USA


In Raspbian you can install a program called gparted.

Gparted can be used to expand the Linux partition on the Retropie partition.

Start gparted and select devices in the Gparted menu and note the devices there . Then plug in your Retropie SDcard in a usb adapter and select the new device.

Click on the partition and in the partition menu select Resize/Move then drag the partition end to the right. Then under the edit menu select Apply All Operations.

After that unplug the USB adaptor and replug to see the new size.

We the people....

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