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Three Parent Babies given the all clear in the UK
Posted on 15-Dec-2016 12:37:09
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From: UK

BBC: Three Parent Babies given the all clear

We've probably all seen the horrific images of mutilated and deformed Ellen Ripley clones in Alien Resurrection but we probably all assumed that the dignity of human life would be respected in the UK and that genetic manipulation of humans would remain in the pages of comic books. However, it seems the UK is keen to throw common sense out the window and embark on another society wide experiment (like same sex marriage) this time mixing genetic material from 'three parents' to form an embryo.

While people argue that the mitochondrial element is purely an energy source for the cells and carries no discernible traits from the '2nd mother' it is evident that this is another step towards designer babies! While on one hand people expound the theory of evolution and tout 'survival of the fittest' they on the other hand experiment with genetics. By encouraging people that carry genetic problems to agree to this 'Frankenstein' practice rather than encouraging them to adopt, they risk the contamination of the human genome with artificial human instigated alteration. This in my view is the epitome of selfishness on the parents part. There is no way for sure we will now the outcome of this risk until it is too late.

No other country is as liberal with protection and legislation on this issue. Rather than encourage people to adopt more children and pushing for a reduction of the nearly 200,000 abortions in the UK every year, we instead concoct ever more elaborate and expensive ways of allowing 'risky' category parents to still have children while murdering healthy children in the womb. It is a society gone mad and other than our increase in technological knowledge we are morally comparable to the last days of Rome!

This procedure does nothing for those already suffering with mitochondrial disease. All it does is allow rich parents who are hoodwinked by the medical establishment to again hand over their eggs and sperm to allow ever more experimentation on sacred human life in the test tube (as per IVF). This is a license to destroy human life as well as create 'perfected' individuals (eugenics?). Many healthy embryos are harvested for their mitochondria and many embryos are destroyed in the trial and error nature of this research and procedure. A dark day for Britain masquerading as progress

"Art challenges technology. Technology inspires the art."
John Lasseter, Pixar Animation Studios

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