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Reinstating the old A1200
Posted on 6-Mar-2017 21:28:02
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Regular Member
Joined: 13-Feb-2005
Posts: 182
From: United Kingdom

Hi All :)

I am currently getting my A1200 back into working fashion. It is currently booting and I have AmiSys AGA installed, along with the Blizz PPC '040 as well.

The previous owner of the Blizz PPC must have stuck an old PC northbridge fansink on the 040, but then cut off the power lead to the fan (maybe it stopped working?). I have no idea what it has been stuck on with as I can't seem to get it off! I want to find a way to get a decent heatsink and fan on the thing to reduce its temp somewhat. Anyone got thoughts on how best to try and remove the heaksink from it?!

I am also building a new PSU for it using a small form factor PC supply which I will make a 3D printed case for in the style of the Amiga PSU. As I am using the Blizz PPC in the standard case I remember reading to add power into the floppy drive mobo connector to keep power up that side of the machine.

Got a Gotek floppy emulator as well, not as comprehensive as the HxC but cheap and works, although I might need to adjust the gotek's case to make it work in the Amiga floppy drive (not mutilating my original - if slightly yellow - case LOL).

Once i have the basics it will then be USB and network (would any USB wireless dongles work?). And finally, hopefully, AOS4 :D

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Re: Reinstating the old A1200
Posted on 6-Mar-2017 22:47:34
#2 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 5-May-2003
Posts: 2921
From: Westhall, UK


Likely the fan has been glued on with super glue. Try an acetone based removal method such as nail polish remover or product sold as super glue remover.

I have never owned a PPC board (060 is where I got off), so unsure if its the 5v or 12v rail that needs some help but I have seen splices into the floppy power cable or a floppy power splitter used.

Those Goteks can be made to work externally - seen some cabling on eBay. You could mount it in an external FDD enclosure perhaps?

I have never heard of USB WiFi working for the A1200 - PCMCIA wireless cards or networking using Zorro / PCI cards using compatible bus board I thought was the only way to go but I could be wrong - the USB stuff has gotten a lot more sophisticated for the classic Amiga since I gave up looking at it.

Amiga A1200, 3.1 ROMs, Blizzard 1220/4 with FPU, 4GB KingSpec DoM SSD, Workbench 3.1

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Re: Reinstating the old A1200
Posted on 11-Mar-2017 15:30:34
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Regular Member
Joined: 13-Feb-2005
Posts: 182
From: United Kingdom


So I checked the heatsink on the '040 and noticed it moved slightly as I gently twisted - so not superglued thankfully! A little work I was able to free it off and check the underside. It had been stuck down with double sided tape - eek - not exactly the best heat conductor LOL

Cleaned the residue off of the 040 and have now put on an old chipset fansink using proper thermal compound adhesive.

Soldered a couple of pins onto the header for the PPC fan, which if it works I'll tidy up later and make good on it. Just waiting for the adhesive to cure and then I'll make a start on the power supply - once I have confirmed power usage.

Network wise I am going for a wired PCMCIA solution for now whole house is wired with Ethernet so not an issue really for me :)

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