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Recent News Submit News News   RadeonHD V5 Licence Purchase on A-EON Website News posted by amigakit on 23-Sep-2022 13:07:46 (911 reads)

The latest RadeonHD V5 driver has been available as a boxed item on Amiga Kit. The driver was also recently made available to download on Updater tool for registered users.

In the meantime machine specific platform licences for the driver are available to purchase directly from A-EON website. The RadeonHD ordering page on A-EON will provide a serial key which can be registered on and also inside the Updater tool to enable the driver download.

Main Features

* Support for Video Acceleration Library (Enhancer Software 2.2 required)
* GART support on X1000 and X5000 platforms


RadeonHD requires a RadeonHD graphics card with a Southern Islands graphics chipset (e.g. RadeonHD 7770, R7-240 and R7-250. It is not compatible with older RadeonHD graphics cards (2000-6000). Soft reset not supported.

Where To Buy

Digital Download Serial Key:
RadeonHD Ordering Page on

Boxed Product:
Amiga Kit Amiga Store

Driver Information

RadeonHD Wiki

  11 comments News autumn competition 2022 News posted by Torque on 23-Sep-2022 8:37:23 (220 reads)
Link to the competition: autumn competition 2022

The now has over 220 members. Many thanks to all new members and sponsors.
Most come from Germany. For this reason, we are celebrating the whole thing with a big competition.

Start: 09/23/2022 - End: 09/30/2022
mbers of!
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hardware OS4   Waffle, the external usb drive to read and write amiga floppy is available
  hardware OS4 posted by mordock on 18-Sep-2022 12:00:47 (327 reads)
The forth Bach of Waffle is available from The Italian company has back in stock this handy USB drive that, conncted to you PC, can read and write ADF files from 3,5" floppy and also be used as a real Amiga drive under WinUAE emulation.

The Waffle came on a colorful and professionally printed box, containing the Waffle itself, a usb cable and a usb stick containing all the needed software.

The Waffle is available on and also on eBay:

Tha waffle is based on the work of Rob Smith

software OS4   Rave version 1.3 released
  software OS4 posted by Trixie on 13-Sep-2022 13:01:32 (523 reads)
An update to the Rave audio editor has been released on


- Unlimited Undo, with an option to use the Extended Memory Objects framework.
- Added support for WAV files containing IMA ADPCM-encoded data.
- Faster processing, loading and saving of long samples thanks to optimizations in the sndeditor.gadget.
- Fixed: The list of assigns in the file requester got improperly sorted under certain conditions.
- Fixed: Applying Mute didn't change the project status to modified, so the Save function remained unavailable.
- Fixed: Pasting mono data from the clipboard into a stereo project didn't work.
- Fixed: Auditioning a right-channel selection always played left-channel data by mistake.
- Fixed: The channel mixing code in Convert Channels was broken and produced some distortion.
- Updated program documentation.

  2 comments | Read more News   Switchless DF0: / DF1: Floppy Drive Boot Selector A500 / A2000 from News posted by amigakit on 13-Sep-2022 12:22:16 (448 reads)
Switchless DF0: / DF1: Floppy Drive Boot Selector A500 / A2000

Hold down reset keys (Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga) for 5 seconds to enable the external floppy disk drive (DF1:) as the boot device. The DF1: device drive is then used as if it were the internal DF0: drive and the internal drive is disabled. Switching back by holding down reset for another 5 seconds restores the internal drive as the DF0: boot device and the external disk drive as DF1:

Everytime the drives are switched by holding down the reset keys, an audible beep tone is made by the selector.

Product link are below on the Amiga Kit website.

Product Links:

New Zealand

  2 comments News   ZitaFTP Server v1.34 - Pre-Release No More News posted by Hans on 12-Sep-2022 3:12:47 (367 reads)
ZitaFTP Server has reached a major milestone: it's no longer a pre-release. No, it doesn't mean that it's perfect. There are plenty more features that we'd like to add. It's now mature enough that the pre-release label can be removed.

This release also brings some AmigaOS specific enhancements.

Click here for more...
  1 comment  

News   Amiga Future issue 158 released
  News posted by AndreasM on 3-Sep-2022 12:04:08 (373 reads)
The English and German issue 158 (September/October 2022) of our print magazine Amiga Future has been distributed today, and can also be ordered directly from our editorial office at Amiga Future, and from other Amiga dealers that stock it.

Magazine Content:

Review Vanilla Conquer
Review Terrible Fire 330
Playfield 14

and so much more ... if you haven't already, right now might be the best time to get your collectable copy ordered, before they're all sold out!

For a more detailed description of its contents and previews of this issue click-on link of the Amiga Future magazine hompepage.


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News   New articles on Obligement
  News posted by Daff on 1-Sep-2022 13:36:03 (448 reads)
The following articles have been added to the website of the Amiga magazine Obligement ( during the last two months:

- July/August 2022 news.
- News: The big Commodore brand heist.
- Old Joystick articles 49 to 54: News: Aladdin - Disney and Virgin amaze us, Report: Hollywood in the digital age, Review of Elfmania, Interview with Sid Meier, Review of The Ultimate Pinball Quest, News: Team 17 - team spirit, games for everyone, Interview with David Lester, Review of James Pond 3: Operation Starfi5h, Review of Sexual Fantasies, Report: European Computer Trade Show of April 1994, Review of Arcade Pool, Review of Disposable Hero [CD32], etc.
- Interview with Daniel Jedlicka (musician and developer on AmigaOS 4).
- Interview with Anthony Rosbottom (graphic designer).
- Review: AmiKit XE 11.8.0 for Windows.
- Hardware: Furia S628.
- File: Hidden messages and Easter eggs in AmigaOS.
- File: The history of Trecision (first part).
- Tutorial: Presentation and use of Reggae.
- Point of view: The development of Rave (part four).
- DIY: Reducing the size of an HxC SD and adding a small LCD screen.
- Special quiz on Amiga video game characters (act 2).

Rendez-vous on for this nice reading.
Our Twitter page:
Feel free to contribute. Please contact David "Daff" Brunet for more info.
  Post comment News   Passione Amiga #9 (September 2022) is published! News posted by Mod3mski on 31-Aug-2022 17:11:37 (442 reads)

We are pleased to announce that the new issue of Passione Amiga (September 2022) is available!

In this number:
- Video games: Duckstroma, Junior's Great Adventure, Game Over Moscow!, Rcross, BattleShip Sea Hawk, Operacion Falida, Mision La Luna, Hunting Frogs
- CDTV special
- Install AmiSSL on Amiga
- Commodore Day 2 reportage
- Blender course, part 1
- Hardware: THEGAMEPAD
- Interviews with: Mario Savoia and Yoz Montana
- Plus: Games news, Tech news, THEA500 Mini News, Demo scene, New Talents, MailBox

48 A4 color pages entirely dedicated to Amiga!

Available in printed format:

and in digital format:
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software OS4   GL4ES round 4.5: Star Wars
  software OS4 posted by kas1e on 25-Aug-2022 12:48:04 (1766 reads)
... First words ...

Hello, everyone ! There are small indermiddle releases while another big round of GL4ES ports is in progress.

But before we go further, I need to make a few notes about :

  14 comments | Read more  

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