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Recent News Submit News News   What IFF? -AmigaGuide Magazine Latest Issue 11 is released News posted by klx300r on 14-Sep-2023 4:27:12 (630 reads)
Issue 11 is out now & you can download it at Aminet and
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software Classic   RNOSlides released
  software Classic posted by jPV on 13-Sep-2023 15:38:09 (574 reads)
RNOSlides is a GUI based slideshow creator program, that can save slideshows as videos. The program can view saved slideshows, and play videos in various formats. Please check its homepage for features, screenshots, video demonstration, and download links.

software Classic   ASM - Das Computer-Spiel (The Director's Cut) (German version) released
  software Classic posted by AndreasM on 13-Sep-2023 12:17:55 (436 reads)
Originated from a coding contest in 1991 it is now - just 32 years later - finished: The graphic adventure about the German cult video game magazine "ASM"!

It is 1991. A normal day in the editorial office of the "ASM". You are the editor-in-chief, Manfred "Manni" Kleimann.
You wake up at your desk and realize: you have lost your memory. Who are all these strangers?
And what does the magazine's comic mascot "Space-Rat" have to do with all of this?

In this hilarious adventure game it is YOUR task, to get behind the secret of your amnesia and to help your co-workers with their perils, while living through the everyday's mayhem at the office.

Based on real events, this game is all the proof!

- Text-/Graphic-Adventure in the style of the classics like "Déja Vu", "Borrowed Times" or "Uninvited"
- FUll of German humor and word plays with parodies the classic games and computer tech from the 80s and early 90s.
- Developed with the support of the original "ASM" editors.
- 29 rooms
- 4 mini games
- Highscore list and percentage progress indicator
- Music by Roland "Triace" Voß

The physical release contains:
- The game on a compact disk (for CDTV, CD³² and Amigas with a CD-ROM drive. Includes .iso- and .adf-image-files for popular Amiga emulators)
- 20-page manual in the visual style of an "ASM" issue from 1991 (includes installation instructions and the turbulent story of the game's development)
- brandnew and exclusive "Donald Bug" comic by Stefan Bayer
- A3 poster
- 1 high-quality wooden "ASM"-die
- 3 disk labels (suitable for 3,5" disks)

System requirements:
- CDTV, CD³² and OCS/ECS-Amigas, Kickstart 1.3 and higher
- 1 MB RAM minimum
- Keyboard and mouse mandatory, joystick optional
- Runs on compatible Amiga emulators under Windows, Mac and Linux
- Recommended: Hard drive with at least 3 MB of free space, 2 MB RAM
- Also required: Knowledge of the German language. Knowledge of the "ASM" magazine not necessary, but enhances the experience of the game

The game is now available in the following versions:

- GERMAN Boxed Edition including download version
- GERMAN Download version
  Post comment News   AmiTranslate with support of Japanese News posted by AmiDelf2 on 12-Sep-2023 9:51:59 (940 reads)
From Amitopia AmiDev Team that brought you AmiFox (web wrp browser), AmiTube (youtube for classic amigas), and AmiDream (Ai creation for Amiga). AmiTranslate is here.

The task is to make classic Amiga understand how to show Japanese correctly. Been a huge task as AmiTranslate application should be like Google Translate being able to translate on the fly to any language that it supports.

Now we have achieved the application to translate any language to Japanese (and others) by taking advantage of ttengine that is ported to 68k.

If we can get you to use classic and nextgen Amiga to feel more important. Why not. It is all free and you can visit us at Amiga38 in Germany.


Amitopia AmiDev Team consists of Alb42, McDope and Amix

News   Amiga Future issue 164 released
  News posted by AndreasM on 4-Sep-2023 11:25:15 (1038 reads)

The English and German issue 164 (September/October 2023) of our print magazine Amiga Future has been distributed today, and can also be ordered directly from our editorial office at Amiga Future, and from other Amiga dealers that stock it.

Magazine Content:

Interview Christian Wiegel (Settle The World) Part 2
Show Report Retcon Gaming festival 2023
Show Report Kickstart 01
Amiga 38 Preview
Preview Castlevania AGA
Preview Hamulet
Preview Bulbmaster
Review Night/Shift - A Cyberpunk Adventure
Review Board game vs Amiga - Monopoly

Read More..
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News   New articles on Obligement
  News posted by Daff on 1-Sep-2023 14:28:52 (476 reads)
The following articles have been added to the website of the Amiga magazine Obligement ( during the last two months:

- News from July/August 2023.
- Old articles from Génération 4 1 to 3: Review of Western Games, File on software and graphics peripherals on the Amiga (1985-1987), Review of Space Quest 2, News: What game publishers have in store for us, Review of Astérix And The Magic Carpet, Review of Terrorpods, Review of Tracker, Review of Impact!, Comparison: Console or computer? etc.
- Interview with Jean-Philippe Derrien (computer graphics designer and former editor of Ami-GraphX).
- Interview with Phillip Nixon (graphist of Oscar).
- Review of Green Beret.
- Hardware: RGB2HDMI for A500.
- The best of Byte from August to October 1985.
- File: Andy Warhol and the Amiga.
- File: Behind the scenes of the development of Fire & Ice.
- File: The history of Genias.
- File: AAA - Advanced Amiga Architecture (update).
- Tutorial: Installation of AmigaOS 4.1 on QEMU 8.1.
- Tutorial: Quick start guide for new A1222 users.
- Tutorial: Using MIDI on MorphOS.
- Special quiz for Amiga super beginners.

Rendez-vous on for this nice reading.
Our Twitter page:
Feel free to contribute. Please contact David "Daff" Brunet for more info.
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hardware Classic   Alinea Computer: TV Port and OmniPort EX available
  hardware Classic posted by AmigaPapst on 30-Aug-2023 15:43:41 (605 reads)
Alinea Computer is very pleased to present the TV-Port as well as the OmniPort EX in two versions. The two products are port expansion boards that can also be combined well with each other.
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Events   AmiWest 2023 Oct 12th-15th
  Events posted by tekmage on 26-Aug-2023 6:01:35 (664 reads)
Hello Amiga Community,

AmiWest 2023 is coming fast! Going strong since 1998, this year will be the 26th year of the longest-running Amiga-focused show in the world. Set in Sacramento, CA, the Sacramento Amiga Computer Club and a dedicated group of volunteers host the event.

Kicking off on October 12th is the AmiWest Developer Conference. AmiWest has been hosting a DevCon for about a decade. This is two days of focused learning and sharing from experts worldwide on the latest AmigaOS developments, and this year will be no different. Hosted by Steven Solie, lead developer on the ExecSG team, the DevCon will cover various AmigaOS flavors, discussing topics like debugging, DMA routines, and more.

The main exhibition opens at 10:00 AM on Oct 14th. Trevor Dickinson of A-Eon will launch the show with A-Eon news and announcements. Following Trevor will be a full schedule of speakers from across the globe. Speakers include RJ Mical (original Amiga dev), Michal Schulz (author of EMU68k), and more. For those who can’t make it, we will livestream the day on YouTube. All the details are on the AmiWest webpage.

The exhibit hall will feature over 10 exhibitors. Many returning friends of the show, like Doug Compton of 10 MARC and Mr. Toast. We also expect Matthew Leaman of AmigaKit to return to the show for the first time since 2017. Also joining us for the first time is Ricardo Quesada with his UniJoySticle2 product. A full list of exhibitors is posted on the AmiWest website.

The banquet starts at 7 PM on Saturday, October 14th, featuring Garry Hare, Ph.D. He was the CEO of Amiga Inc. from 2003 to 2005, directly following Bill McEwen. You can read more about Garry’s involvement in the latest edition of “From Vultures to Vampires” volume two. Garry will provide unique insights into Amiga's history from a rarely heard voice.

The SACC Sales Table will be back, offering a variety of Amiga parts, books, and software. There will also be some complete Amiga classic systems for sale! We expect to have on sale an A2000 and an A500, possibly more,

The show will also have a raffle filled with cool gadgets for all your computers. After you grab your raffle tickets, be sure to stop by the game's competition table and give Knightmare a spin for a chance to win this year's trophy.

Keep an eye on the AmiWest blog for the latest update on the show. In 1994, folks said the Amiga was dead. Boy, were they wrong!
  1 comment  

News   The Amiga Future magazine Issue 164 - preview is now available to view online
  News posted by AndreasM on 24-Aug-2023 17:04:41 (525 reads)

These comprise of the full colour preview and excerpts of our Amiga Future issue 164 (September/October 2023) which can also be viewed online on the Amiga Future website.

Some of the interesting articles in this issue are:

Interview Christian Wiegel (Settle The World) Part 2
Show Report Retcon Gaming festival 2023
Show Report Kickstart 01
Amiga 38 Preview
Preview Castlevania AGA
Preview Hamulet
Preview Bulbmaster
Review Night/Shift - A Cyberpunk Adventure
Review Board game vs Amiga - Monopoly
Review Absolute Zero
Review Commodore: The Inside Stroy
Review Amiblaster Deluxe
Review TF 1260
Special Trevors Soapbox
Special A1222+ Part 1
Special Demoscene
Workshop Pagestream Part 2

Of course there's actually so MUCH more in the magazine.

Needless to say you will often get other versions of software, some of which were commercially available, as well as some of the latest try-outs or freely released software applications and games for, hopefully, every Amiga variant of Operating system, so that's Amiga 'Classic', OS4, MorphOS, and AROS, including some PD software for these systems, all on the Readers' cover CD.

A detailed description of the varied content and excerpts of our current issue can be found at:

The Amiga Future magazine is available both as an English and German printed magazine - each issue is printed in FULL COLOUR - directly available from our magazine editorial office and from various other Amiga dealers.

Important Notice!

All our Amiga Future subscribers should check that both your current postal and email addresses for you are correct that has been supplied by you to us.
The Amiga Future gets packed and shipped a few days prior to its actual release date. So, we need any change/correction to your address to be passed to us before we dispatch it, and in any case as soon as possible.
Bear in mind that: Usually requests to forward on mail will not be handled with such mail items, i.e. magazines!

We also ask that you check that your subscription fee(s) are current and up to date, i.e. already been paid, as some, in fact quite a few, subscription fees are still not currently fully paid.


  1 comment News   AI KILLS ALL HUMANS Youtube Trailer Released News posted by Bugala on 21-Aug-2023 15:33:54 (718 reads)
a Youtube Trailer for AI KILLS ALL HUMANS - Game has just been released, giving you a better peek at what the final game will be like:

AI Kills All Humans is a Tactical RTS game coming from ONE JOYFUL DAY to Modern Amigas in which you play as an AI, which due to a slight change in code, is sending robots to kill all humans.

You however don't have direct control of your robots, but robots independently decide how to execute your commands, like a general telling troops to attack, but troops themselves decide how.

Planned release 4Q 2023

Wishlist in STEAM:

Discord Channel:
  1 comment  

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