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Pictures from "OS4 on Tour 2003" in Bath (15-Dec-2003)  Popular
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Last month some smaller AmigaOS4 demonstrations were held in the UK which were organized by the South Essex Amiga Link (SEAL) and the Amiga North Thames (ANT) usergroups in Basildon and London. Also in November there was a strong Amiga presence (Amiga Inc, Eyetech, Stellar Dreams and usergroups) at the MicroMart fair in Birmingham, UK. For this month the South West Amiga Group (SWAG) organized an OS4 on tour event in the picturesque city of Bath for the 13th of December.

Luckily I was able to combine my attendance with a 5 day trip to London and so had the chance to meet various AmigaWorld regulars as well as being able to get a taste of the latest AmigaOS4 developments.

I was probably the only person coming from outside of the UK, but everyone I talked to seemed to know me from AmigaWorld anyway. The small restaurant was crowded with people and this "OS4 on Tour" event was more like a mixture of an ordinary Amiga show and an AmigaOS4/AmigaOne "on Tour" demonstration event, as also various Amiga stuff could be bought at the small stands of Stellar Dreams, Forematt Home Computing and the Total Amiga Magazine.

Amiga Inc's CTO Fleecy Moss officially opened the event at one o'clock and for the rest of the day the rooms were crowded with many dozens of visitors while there was a generally friendly and upbeat atmosphere. AmigaOS4 could be tested on many computers displayed at the various company and usergroup stands. The highlight for this event was Quake2, which was recently ported by Hyperion to AmigaOS4 and was running fully hardware accelerated with a Voodoo3 graphic card on Mick "Sicky" Sutton's AmigaOne. The game ran with great speed and truly looked great while running inside a window, meanwhile the OS still remained pretty responsive. Mick demoed some nice multitasking while Quake2 was running. I was actually quite a bit surprised by how responsive the system already is considering the version of AmigaOS4 shown did not yet use a PPC native version of the graphics.library nor did the OS use the full speed UDMA ide drivers which are still under development.

Alan Redhouse had his small stand in a separate corner where he demonstrated a prototype of the Mini-ITX form factor MicroA1 motherboard running Linux and he had another board build into a DVD player to show off the board's very small size. Later that day between 3 and 4 o'clock Alan Redhouse started a lenghty presentation about Eyetech's current and future plans in another room.

Click on the pictures for a larger view.
LondonBath Fleecy Moss and Alan Redhouse Mick Sutton
AmigaOne-XE running AmigaOS4 and Quake2
[url=] - MikeB
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