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Using Miami (and probably Genesis) with WinUAE
Posted on 22-Oct-2008 0:43:03
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From: Oregon

Using Miami (and probably Genesis) with WinUAE.

Programs needed:
Miami (or Genesis, or AmiTCP, etc)
WinPCap (Installs on Windows side)

Just writing this because I had some trouble setting it up and had a little trouble finding information on how to get it all running.

I also ran into a couple different problems that other might run into such as using a wireless adapter on my PC while also having an Ethernet port available but not in use (this causes problems), and figuring how to get my router to give my one wireless card 2 different IP address at the same time. Something I didn't even know you could do and caused some grief.

First, you need to install WinUAE and get an AmigaOS install setup with a copy of Miami (or Genesis which again I haven't tested).

The other program you need to install on the Windows side is a little program called WinPCap.
It can be downloaded from
This is a small program and doesn’t require any configuration. I assume it just runs in the background as a service.

So now when you run WinUAE in "Misc" settings tab you want to uncheck bsdsocket.library emulation and put a check mark by uaenet.device instead.

Now, uaenet.device is not a real file. There is nothing to put in the /devs folder so don't go searching for anything like I did. Basically it is sort of a virtual device that is in memory.

Now your going to boot into Workbench. Run MiamiInit, and choose "other SANA-II driver" when prompted. The next box will ask you for the device name. Here you will simply type in uaenet.device the device number is 0 should already be filled in.

It should start finding your settings and you can configure Miami as you normally would.

Ok, now problems that I ran into.

1st problem I ran into. When I would put in uaenet.device. It acted like it couldn’t find uaenet.device. So this is where I was certain there must be some file I need to put into /devs folder. Turns out I have 2 network adapters. I have an Ethernet port that is not connected and I have WiFi adapter which I use to connect to my router. WinUAE/WinPCap/uaenet.device automatically made my Ethernet adapter my uaenet.device. So when I was going into Miami and typing it in that is why it was finding no settings, because no cable was plugged in. Easy enough fix, I just disabled the Ethernet by going into the Network settings in the Control Panel and Right Clicking to disable it. Now I just had my Wireless enabled. uaenet.device now went straight to my wireless. Worked great.

2nd problem is that when I connect with Miami my router gives me my IP, great, it's Ok, I switch back over to Windows and now Windows has no internet connectivity. So I reset the connection on the Windows adapter in the network settings and Windows has internet, ip, ok great. Go back to the Amiga side and Miami is disconnected. Connect, and now Windows is disconnected. So Windows and the Amiga could not have an internet connection at the same time

So there are probably a couple solutions to this. One solution would be to use 2 different adapters, so I could use the Ethernet adapter just for the Amiga and use my Wifi just for the PC. That's an option, but I use the Wifi so I don't have to run a cable. I guess I could try running 2 wifi cards, but I don't know how well that would work.

2nd option is using my one Wifi card ( one MAC address) and getting the router to assign it 2 different IP addresses at the same time. This is the option I choose.

Here is how I did it. I set my Windows box to get a static IP address, in this case I picked

Then set Miami to just use DHCP like normal. It connected and the router gave it the same old

Now both the PC and the Amiga are both connected to the internet at the same time, but the router is giving them 2 different IPs.

(Note: I first tried to set up Miami to be static, but could figure it out )

So now I'm running Miami instead of using bsdsocket.library emulation. So I'll have to do some tests, but first thing I noticed, and didn't expect at all, is using Miami transfer speed seemed much faster. I always had slower transfer speed than I thought I should have when using bsdsocket.library, but I'll have to test that and it really could be any number of reasons.

Main advantages of course are testing using a real Miami install or real Amiga stack. Also, running several applications that weren't compatible with bsdsocket.library such as Webservers.

Have fun!

A3000D (16mhz, 2MB Chip, 4MB Fast, SCSI (300+MB), SuperGen Genlock, Kick 3.1)
Back in my day, we didn't have water. We only had Oxygen & Hydrogen, & we'd just shove 'em together

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