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News   New articles on Obligement
  News posted by Daff on 1-Jul-2020 14:35:51 (346 reads)
The following articles have been added to the website of the french Amiga magazine Obligement ( during the last two months:
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News   Amiga Future monthly News June 2020
  News posted by AndreasM on 28-Jun-2020 14:53:34 (308 reads)
3.6.2020 + 21.6.2020
Old Amiga Future Ausgabe 118 + 119 in german & english now online

Since today you can read the Amiga Future issue 118 + 119 online on our webpage

In irregular intervals we provide older issues of the Amiga Future for free online.

The magazines and the PDF versions (in HQ) are also available in our online shop

Read the german mags online:
Read the english mags online:

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hardware Classic   ZORRAM A2000 Zorro II Memory Expansion
  hardware Classic posted by amigakit on 27-Jun-2020 23:51:56 (896 reads)
AmigaKit Ltd is pleased to announce the availability of the new ZORRAM A2000 Zorro II Memory Expansion.


* Adds 8MB Fast Memory to your Amiga 2000
* Jumpers to select 0MB (OFF), 4MB, 5.5MB or 8MB
* Auto-Config- no software needed
* Compatible with all Amiga 2000 motherboard revisions

We are pleased to bring this high quality product to the community at our low prices.

Product Links:

New Zealand


News   APC&TCP also takes over the digital distribution of the "Amiga Joker"
  News posted by AndreasM on 24-Jun-2020 14:14:46 (519 reads)
APC&TCP is pleased to announce that we are now taking over the digital distribution of the game magazine "Amiga Joker".

The PDF (and of course also the print edition) from issue 1/17 of the "Amiga Joker" is now available in the online shop at

About Amiga Joker:

The Amiga Joker was Germany's first and largest trade magazine for Amiga games and delighted its readers from issue 11/1989 to issue 10-11 / 1996 with a refreshing writing style, distinctive test reports and unbeatable authors. It so happens that even today many are still waiting for the next edition, which was announced for November 29, 1996 but unfortunately never was published.

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Announcement   MEGA65 pre-orders open, AmigaOS compatibility possible
  Announcement posted by Petah on 17-Jun-2020 17:19:27 (1976 reads)
After an extended period of development and testing, the joint German-Australian team behind the MEGA65 computer is ready to start pre-orders for the so called "dev units", meant to form a common platform for budding software and hardware developers interested in the open source computer. While the M65 is in every respect a copy of Commodore's Commodore 64 successor - the Commodore 65, the open source platform and its advanced FPGA architecture allows anyone to improve on Commodore's original C65 design - including implementing support for its cousin operating system, AmigaOS. Amiga users may find the Mega 65's rich hardware feature set of extra interest, seeing it includes Ethernet connectivity, two DSUB-9 joystick/mouse ports, HDMI video output and a 3.5" high density floppy drive.

The pre-ordering will begin Thursday, June 18th at 09:00 CET on While the asking price of 999 may seem steep to some, project spokesperson Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen assures that the hefty price tag is explained by its limited production run and its acrylic case. Gardner-Stephens says that devkits, traditionally speaking, are sought after, collectible items and suggests that pitching in to the project at this stage may turn out to be an investment. The consumer version, which will make use of injection molding for its case, is expected to show up at retailers by the end of this year or early 2021.

News   Pleasance and Dickinson planning a new Amiga book, seeks funding on Kickstarter
  News posted by Petah on 17-Jun-2020 15:15:42 (1399 reads)
Known to many Amiga users for being a former Commodore UK executive, David Pleasance has recently started a Kickstarter to fund the upcoming book From Vultures to Vampires. Serving as a sequel to his previous work, Commodore The Inside Story, the new book is meant to tell the story starting with Escom's venture into the Amiga market until the law suits that followed "and beyond". Joining as a co-author, Trevor Dickinson - head of A-EON Technology - will help to, quoting the campaign description, expose "those companies and individuals who brought negativity and celebrates those who have against all odds prevailed and are now ensuring the Amiga not only 'lives on', but improves the potential to expand our community".

Aiming to raise 25,000 GBP (roughly 28,000) before Sunday, July 19 22:00 CET, the book is expected to be 368 pages printed in a hardback format. Interested users may want to point their web browser of choice to Kickstarter, where a a physical copy can be secured width a 30 GBP pledge or, optionally, a digital e-book can be had for half the price. Higher backer levels include access to Commodore: The Inside Story as an audiobook or e-book and the Amiga 2020 movie by Wavem Studios.

News   The Amiga Future magazine - Issue 145 preview is now available to view online
  News posted by AndreasM on 16-Jun-2020 13:38:02 (381 reads)
This is the full colour preview and excerpts of the Amiga Future magazine, issue 145 (July/August 2020) that can now be viewed online on the Amiga Future website.

Some of the interesting articles in this issue are:

Review Fred's Journey
Special AmigaOS 3.1.4 Part 6
Interview Andre Zeps (Tiny Litzle Slug)

Of course there's so MUCH more actually in the magazine.

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Announcement   AMIcast - Special Episode 10 - Amiga News
  Announcement posted by radzik on 16-Jun-2020 9:45:07 (240 reads)
The Special Episode 10 of AMIcast is here. It was a long break in publishing the AMIcast SE, so what happened meanwhile?
Together with my co-host Marcin, we analyze what has been interesting so far from AmiWest to the present day. We have updated IBrowse, upcoming new Webkit browser for MorphOS, updates of Odyssey Web Browser for AmigaOS, new MorphOS, new Hollywood 8, and new Designer 5, new AmiCygnix. But there is a big lack of A1222 aka Tabor. And there is a king Warp560/1260 accelerator!
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hardware OS4   Kea Sigma Delta reassures interest in developing laptop PPC Amiga
  hardware OS4 posted by Petah on 8-Jun-2020 14:11:59 (815 reads)
In an update posted on YouTube on Monday and an accompanying blog update, the New Zealand based Amiga development company Kea Sigma Delta reaffirmed its interest in building a PowerPC based Amiga laptop based on the ITX motherboard standard. In the video, the company founder Hans de Ruiter - known to some Amiga users for Radeon graphics card drivers, Warp3D programmering tutorials and FTP server software - explains the lessons learned with the project so far, and why investing money into a 3D printer may be a bad idea.
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software OS4   ShaderJoy 1.8 for AmigaOS4 released
  software OS4 posted by kas1e on 1-Jun-2020 6:56:22 (1515 reads)
ShaderJoy is a tool that can visualize GLSL-based fragment shaders written by Capehill (Juha Niemimaki). The goal is to have some compatibility with Shadertoy database:

(click on image for fullsize):

Download latest version from Capehill's page:

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