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Recent News Submit News News   Martial Arts Kanji Dictionary News posted by Swoop on 20-Aug-2023 12:43:35 (768 reads)
Hi guys

I have had the above dictionary published on Amazon, yesterday.

It was produced on an Amiga5000, using Pagestream

I started compiling my notes on an A1200 back in 1988, but serious work on it started in 1998.

539 pages, of pure work. Scanning the Kanji, using BME to remove stroke counts and then tracing them to a dr2d file. Which I could scale to whatever size I needed.
The chapter system within Pagestream is brilliant. One of the problems is DSI errors when using #textpage number, to cross reference everything.
I then had to print to a postscript file, convert to a pdf using AmiGS.
Then transfer to my iMac to upload to Amazon.

Essentially, it is the culmination of 25 years work.

software OS4   Sylpheed 3.7.0 for AmiCygnix available
  software OS4 posted by CygnusEd on 13-Aug-2023 11:50:47 (678 reads)
Sylpheed is an email program based on the GTK+ GUI Toolkit. The design and the user interface are similar to many well-known e-mail programs from the Windows world, e.g. Outlook Express.

Why another mailer? Sylpheed has very good support for the IMAP4 protocol, which is only available with a few Amiga mailers. Sylpheed also has other interesting properties.

New in this package:
  • Update to the latest stable version of Sylpheed. The program was ported from scratch and some bugs were fixed that way.
  • Working remote control of Sylpheed. Sylpheed can only be started once, when started again, the options are passed to the running program.
  • Update to SQLite 3.9.3 in "bogofilter 1.2.5".

  • Supported protocols:
  • POP3 / APOP
  • IMAP4rev1
  • NNTP (News)
  • SSL / TLSv1 (POP3, SMTP, IMAP4rev1, NNTP)

  • Features:
  • multiple accounts
  • thread display
  • News reader
  • printing
  • address book
  • template
  • powerful filtering
  • powerful search
  • customization of toolbar
  • mark / color label
  • and much more

  • Download:
    or Aminet:


    News now has 400 members
      News posted by Torque on 12-Aug-2023 13:24:56 (533 reads)
    [img align=left][/img]

    Hello dear Amiga friends!

    As of today the registers 400 members!

    Many well-known Amiga personalities have registered. Among others there are the following legends: AmigaBill, Matt from Amigaland, Jan from AmiKit, AndreasM, AshSaidHi, Petro T. Tyschtschenko, David Fox, Trevor D. and many more.

    Here you can see all VIPs and friends of the forum:

    We would be glad to welcome you as a new member. Become a part of a friendly community whose common hobby is "AMIGA".

    Kind regards,
    Jörg aka Torque
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    software OS4   AmigaOS4: Version 2.0 of the native version of AAMP published.
      software OS4 posted by CygnusEd on 10-Aug-2023 10:30:06 (1054 reads)
    AAMP offers a development environment on your Amiga, with which you can create and test your own web projects. Similar to the well-known XAMPP package for Linux and Windows, it contains the HTTP (web) server "Apache" with compiled-in support for the scripting language "PHP" (version 8.0.28 and 5.2.10) and the database server "MySQL" version 5.5.10.

    AAMP is not only interesting for developers. This means that web applications can also be run locally on the Amiga. These are e.g. the database administrator "phpMyAdmin" ( or the image manager "Coppermine" ( - just to name a few.

    You can create your own tools with the included "php" interpreter. "PHP" is easy to learn and with its extensions a powerful language.
    New in PHP 8 is the ability to use the "php" tool as a web server, so it is a simple alternative to Apache.

    Last but not least, data can be managed with the "MySQL" database server, which can then also be accessed via the network. External programs (e.g. IODBC) can use this server as a database backend.

    Read more for notes
      7 comments | Read more  

    Events   Amiga 38 special issue: Events overview
      Events posted by AndreasM on 4-Aug-2023 14:52:29 (478 reads)
    In the regular editions of the Amiga Future there is always a calendar of events on the first page.
    This calendar lists all dates that could be important for Amiga users.

    This list of events is based on the calendar that has been on the Amiga Future homepage for many, many years and is currently being highlighted.

    Now we also want to publish an event calendar in the special issue for the Amiga 38. This will of course be much more extensive than in the regular Amiga Future edition.

    However, we cannot find all Amiga dates ourselves. Please help us and add missing dates to the calendar.

    With the following link you can directly access important dates such as trade fairs, stock exchanges, events, club meetings, Amiga round tables and and and...
    enter in the calendar.
    The prerequisite is that you are logged in to the Amiga Future webpage. Alternatively, you can of course send us the information by email.
    But please always check beforehand whether the date has not already been entered.

    Enter calendar date:
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    Events   Amiga38 special issue: Appeal to all programmers ended
      Events posted by AndreasM on 4-Aug-2023 15:23:14 (529 reads)
    On June 22nd we asked programmers to describe their own programs in a short text which was then im
    Amiga Future special issue for the Amiga 38 is published.

    Here is the link to the original report from June:

    We also promised that a free annual subscription to the Amiga Future would be raffled among all participants.

    Because of the release of the ASM 2023, the whole thing has been delayed a bit. And a suitable software release is currently being prepared "on the side".
    Yes, we are really short of time at the moment. :)

    But now the winner has been determined and has already been notified by us by email.

    Of course, more texts can be sent in. But we can't promise at the moment whether there's really room for it.

      1 comment News   MediaVault Script v1.4 now available on OS4Depot News posted by ktadd on 31-Jul-2023 10:01:38 (560 reads)
    MediaValut Script has been updated to version 1.4.

    A script for use with MediaVault v1.4.1, or greater, which allows the user to choose the stream player or to download a stream via a requester.

    Download for OS4Depot

    Allows users to select the default stream player for the MediaVault program.
    Optionally, a requester can be displayed to allow the user to choose how to deal with the stream.If a supported player is already running, it will be used without displaying a requester.

    Requester options are as follows:

    AmigaAmp3 - play stream usiing AmigaAmp3
    ffplay - play stream using ffplay
    Emotion - play stream using Emotion
    Save to mp3 - Save stream to an mp3 coded file. (.mp3 container format)
    Save Copy - Save stream with original coding. (.mka container format)

    Version 1.4 adds the following features: (July, 29, 2023)
    Now use already running instance of audio player without displaying requester.
    Added error requester if the audio player cannot be found with AppDir.
    Added error requester if ffmpeg cannot be found with AppDir: when downloading.

    See the video that Maijestro made HERE!

    Thanks Maijestro!
      1 comment  

    software Classic   New Amiga/PC Game and Video from Castlevania AGA
      software Classic posted by Torque on 24-Jul-2023 12:24:51 (824 reads)

    The new Amiga/PC game: Castlevania AGA is a remake of the 1987 original. The goal was to provide a playable and pure version of the original Castlevania but with an Amiga flavor.

    Thumbs up and commi on YouTube would be really nice of you! 😉
    Download links are in the video description


    News from:
      6 comments News   News from the Amigaland News posted by Amigaland on 14-Jul-2023 23:50:23 (816 reads)
    If you study our site attentively, you might have already found what you were looking for. Yes, there are some new reviews from (our partner site), by the way it now appears in a new layout. I like it in any case. We were able to upload all games from California Dreams to the site. The best known game is probably Street Rod. Here you can still pimp the good old Ami sledges and race against them. Also known should be the Blockout variant. At now all games by California Dreams are available. This month the titles Street Rod, Street Rod 2: The Next Generation, Blockout, Tunnels of Armageddon, TrianGO and Vegas Gambler have been added to that collection of legally downloadable software. Soon we will put new profiles of Amiga game makers online. Some, which are not so well known. See you soon!

    News   ASM returns
      News posted by AndreasM on 18-Jul-2023 9:54:51 (776 reads)
    ASM returns

    The ASM (Aktueller Software Markt), a popular GERMAN computer magazine in the late 1980s, is still revered in retro circles today. It has recently made a comeback after a 28-year hiatus.

    In 1986, the ASM magazine covered almost every important computer system, including the C-64, Spectrum, Schneider CPC, MSX, Dragon, and Enterprise. The 16-bit Atari ST and Amiga were also included, starting in 1987 and finding their way into households. However, by 1995, the PC had become dominant, and there was no longer a market for multi-platform magazines. Nowadays, there has been a significant change, as old computers that were once abandoned or thrown away in the 1990s are finding new admirers. Every year, more games are being released that surpass expectations and bring out the best in these systems.

    A German magazine that used to accompany home computers during their success in German living rooms is making a comeback. The new issue, 3/23, aims to provide an overview of the current 8-bit and 16-bit software market, just like it did in the past. However, the new ASM is more than just a software magazine. It also pays tribute to the old ASM editions from the 1980s. There are plenty of interviews with former editors, which offer interesting insights into the daily work of software journalists at that time.

    The old guard was pleased with the project. "I am thrilled that the previous format has been reintroduced and executed so well," states Manfred Kleimann, the former editor-in-chief who created the magazine's concept in 1985 and provided input for the new edition.

    The latest print edition can be found at, which is home to popular Amiga magazines like "Amiga Future" and "Amiga Joker" as well as the computer magazine, "LOAD." This 100-page special edition costs 8 euros and requires an additional fee for shipping.

    Order NOW:

    From the content:
    Over 30 test reports on current games for 8 and 16 bits
    Interviews with Manfred Kleimann, Frank Brall, Martina Strack, Bendrik Muhs, Stefan Swiergiel, Klaus Segel, Stefan Bayer, Torsten Oppermann, Dirk Fuchser
    Interviews with Thomas Meiertoberens (Magic Bytes) and Steve Wilcox (Elite Systems), Roman Werner (Super Marble Boy), The Mojon Twins (Ramiro el Vampiro), Juan Manchon (, Andreas Magerl (APC&TCP), Sebastian Bach ( poly play)
    Reader survey on the ASM
    Competition resolution: Finally here - the ASM computer game
    In the spotlight: 40 years of Vectrex
    Flashback: what became of the St. Brides Girls?
    and other more

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