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News   New articles on Obligement
  News posted by Daff on 1-May-2019 8:09:58 (258 reads)
The following articles have been added to the website of the french Amiga magazine Obligement ( during the last two months:

- March/April 2019 news.
- Old articles from Amiga News Tech n°28 to 31 : File: Cycles, registers et adressing modes of the 68030, Programming: ARexx - Screens, windows and messages, Programming : Assembler - RGB plasma, Tutorial: Utilization of Yacc, Programming: AMOS - Find a file without requester, File: C ANSI, Programming: C - BOBs, Programming: GFA Basic - timer.device, Tutorial: Utilization of Flex, Programming: AMOS - Plotter, etc.
- Interview Denzil LOng (coauthor of Dune 2).
- Review of AEROS 3.5.
- Review of Amiga Forever 8.
- Review of Atari++ 1.7.3.
- Review of Icaros Desktop 2.2.5/2.2.6.
- File: integrated circuit packaging.
- File: Oxxi, Inc.
- DIY: Pimp my Pegasos (update).
- Tutorial: Make a backup of MorphOS on an external USB hard drive.
- Tutorial: Mapping Kickstart 3.1.4 Rom using MapROM on an ACA500Plus.
- Tutorial: Installing AmigaOS 3.1.4 on an ACA500Plus (or any Amiga).
- Special quizz about Scala.

Rendez-vous on for this nice reading.
The total of articles reach now 6000!
Feel free to contribute. Please contact David "Daff" Brunet for more info.
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Announcement   Crunch, the new Music Album from Pseudaxos
  Announcement posted by 21stcentury on 30-Apr-2019 17:59:53 (362 reads)

After Loading in 2016 and Loading MegaWatts Edition in 2018, Pseudaxos come back with a new incredible music album composed with Milky Tracker on Amiga.

And for the first time for a music album, Ultimate Creative created a script to reinforce immersion like never.

Follow the strange Alan's Adventures and pierce the Drum City's Mystery.

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News   Amiga Future issue 138 released
  News posted by AndreasM on 29-Apr-2019 13:25:50 (443 reads)
The English and German issue 138 (May/June 2019) of the print magazine Amiga Future has been distributed today, and can also be ordered directly from the editorial office of Amiga Future, and the other Amiga dealers that stock the magazine.

Attention! From the 6th to the 29th of May we go on vacation.

Within this time no e-mails can be answered by us.

Of course, orders from our online shop will be processed by us as soon as possible from May 29th.

This also applies to download purchases. We have to work off them by hand.

Please note that if you do any orders the Amiga Future from us.

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software Classic   SkillGrid released
  software Classic posted by saimo on 27-Apr-2019 8:43:21 (1091 reads)
RETREAM and RGCD are delighted to announce the release of SkillGrid, a new shooter for AGA Amigas.

There are plenty of shooters around, but none like SkillGrid, an endless score-attack vertical shoot 'em up featuring frenetic, tactical gameplay and comprising of a variety of different sub-games, boss battles, and in-depth scoring mechanics.

Click image for full size
  8 comments | Read more  

Announcement   indieGO XS Kickstarter Campaign
  Announcement posted by phoenixkonsole on 17-Apr-2019 15:06:40 (848 reads)
We are currently collecting pre-orders for the XS (eXtra Slim) Version of the indieGO!
This model is only 1/6th of the size of the original indieGO! which we call now Classic.

We offer 100 indieGO! Classics during the campaign as well.
Technically they are both based on the same ARM SOC.

The console can be used to play CD-Based console games from the past or as AROS PC with AEROS. The current version allows also to do Background staking of the TELOS virtual currency. If you like to start your cryptocurrency journey with TELOS, we offer a cashback of 10% of your kickstarter pledges.

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software Classic   New version of V.A.M.P. v2.20
  software Classic posted by Templario on 20-Apr-2019 13:01:42 (438 reads)
There are available for download the new version of V.A.M.P. - the Virtual Amiga Multimedia Player. V.A.M.P is a multimedia player written with Hollywood.

This player needs the Hollywood plugin to show the multimedia formats, and this is available for all the Amiga family systems as well as being available for Windows (both 32 and 64 bits versions).

V.A.M.P. player

V.A.M.P is also available in the following languages:
Spanish. English. Italian. French. Finnish. Swedish. Polish.
German.  Greek.

Events   Less than 2 weeks to the April 27-28 Commodore Los Angeles Super Show!
  Events posted by RobertB on 16-Apr-2019 4:29:15 (355 reads)
Time marches on, and the April 27-28 Commodore Los Angeles Super Show (CLASS) will soon be here! Come and celebrate Commodore and Amiga computers with us at this inaugural event at

Toolbox LA
9410 Owensmouth Avenue
Chatsworth, California 91311
Admission: $25 for one day or both days
Times: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day

We'll have plenty of computers for attendees to see and use, items for people to buy, and prizes for the public to win or receive for free!

If you miss CLASS, you still have a chance to go to a Commodore/Amiga event by attending one of our sister shows -- the June 8-9 Pacific Commodore Expo NW in Seattle, Washington or the August 10-11 Commodore Vegas Expo v15 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For more information on any of the shows, see the links below.

Robert Bernardo - organizer
April 27-28 Commodore Los Angeles Super Show -
CLASS forum -
June 8-9 Pacific Commodore Expo NW -
PaCommEx forum -
August 10-11 Commodore Vegas Expo v15 -
CommVEx forum -
  Post comment News   Recent server outages and planned upgrades News posted by sibbi on 8-Apr-2019 21:17:18 (918 reads)

The server upgrade should be completed

It was quite a task and there are no doubt some problems remaining that I haven't been able to find.

Please report any odd issues. Thanks!



As you've no doubt noticed we've had some mysterious outages recently. We apologize for these.

The first time it happened it was obvious the kernel had panicked but no root cause was found. Getting it back up and running was annoying since the software raid needed to be rebuilt (an operation that takes many hours on this particular hardware), after which we then had some problems with a corrupted boot image, it ended up taking quite a few stabs to get it up and running again, not the least because I have a day job and 3 young kids and therefore can't spend every waking hour trying to bring the site back.

Yesterday we then suffered another crash after which the server hosting team ran a hardware test on the server at our request and discovered a broken CPU fan, probably the root-cause of both of these crashes. The CPU fan has now been replaced so we should hopefully be past these issues.

Since I'm writing a news piece anyway I think it's good to point out that there's a plan to upgrade the server to a more recent release of Ubuntu on the 18th of April, the site will be unreachable for some time during that day, probably from early in the morning and until the afternoon. We apologize beforehand for any inconvenience this may cause.

News   The Amiga Future magazine - Issue 138 preview is now available to view online
  News posted by AndreasM on 11-Apr-2019 15:31:00 (407 reads)
This is the full colour preview and excerpts of the Amiga Future magazine, issue 138 (May/June 2019) that can now be viewed online on the Amiga Future website.

Attention! From the 6th to the 29th of May we go on vacation.
Within this time no emails can be answered by us.
Of course, orders from our online shop will be processed by us as soon as possible from May 29th.
This also applies to download purchases. We have to work off them by hand.
Please note that if you do any orders the Amiga Future from us.

Some of the interesting articles in this issue are:

Interview Frank Wille
Show Report Amiga Ireland Meetup 2019
ARexx Workshop #1

Of course there's so MUCH more actually in the magazine.

Needless to say you often get other versions of software, often what was commercially available, as well as some of the latest try-outs or freely released software applications and games for, hopefully, all of the Amiga type Operating systems, so that's Amiga 'Classic', OS4, MorphOS, and AROS, including some PD software for these systems, all on the Reader's cover CD.

A detailed description of this issues contents and excerpts can be found at:

The Amiga Future magazine is available as an English and German printed magazine - every issue is available in FULL COLOUR - directly available from the magazine editorial office and also from various other Amiga dealers.


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Software News   Ultimate Creative is back, MagicUAE is out
  Software News posted by 21stcentury on 9-Apr-2019 14:46:27 (1656 reads)

Ultimate Creative is back and celebrate it with his new free product MagicUAE.

Prepare to live an incredible experience by reliving the frenzy of the Amiga on your PC.

  11 comments | Read more  

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