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ANT OS4 Beta Demo (8-Feb-2004)  Popular
(Read 305204 times)
Well I've just been to ANT, and upon my return was plagued by DaveyD to write a small report for AmigaWorld, so here goes.

Well I turned up early and was loitering outside the church on the phone to my wife, when a dodgy looking character acosted me asking if I was here for the OS demo, (hi TheAmigaOne) I must look like a computer nerd or something . We were among the first to arrive, there was nothing set up, and we were wondering if we were in the right place..

Still after a short wait Rigo, turned up and pulled his machine out of a bag along with a monitor and all the necessary bits and pieces, by this time there were around 20 people squeezed into the small hall..

Everyone was very friendly and we had a good chin wag about the current state of affairs. Still onto the part you are all waiting for, the demo.

Well Rigo had a few problems, he was supposed to be demoing the install, but was having some problems getting it to boot from cd. He also had some problems booting from HArd Disk (this turned out to be because he had it set to boot from CD only in Uboot). The machine was running Uboot 1.0.0 23rd Jan version. It booted into OS4 quite quickly once the problems were sorted out.

It was explained that Petunia was not yet integrated and parts of (or maybe all of I wasnt quite clear on that part) Picasso 96 were still 68k, also the IDE drivers were still at PIO rather than UDMA. With all of this IBrowse and PageStream (the two applications that I run at home and so can compare) started up and ran faster than they do on my 060. Much faster in fact.

All of the usual features were demoed (AHI, Notepad, hard disk prefs tool etc) and they all ran quickly and looked very smart. In fact Rigo had the system set up to look very nice indeed. It all responded very well with no delays when dragging, opening windows etc. It was explained that although there was 1.6 GB of virtual memory, that none of it would be used until all of your physical memory was used up. The Format CDRW tool was show and we were told that it could also be used on DVD's although it does format as SFS so could not be used to transfer files to a PC.

Beyond that, everything looked very nice and was well integrated (all apps looked the same be they MUI or Reaction), Sicky told me that he had had a version of Quake 2 from Hyperion that was working so there will be games to play as well . I almost wish I hadn't gone, as I am seriously impatient for OS4 now.

Anyway, I left at 15:30 and when I got home went on-line to see if anybody wanted an update, and was promptly plagued for this report. So here tis. - Mark
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