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AmigaOne Update 1 (7-July-2003)  Popular
(Read 5434 times)
As I sit in a Boston hotel lobby - it was the 2003 IBM technology forum this week - frantically pecking out this update in a desperate attempt to meet Roberts deadline, Ive just worked out that the AmigaOne has now the highest sales of any available ATX form factor PPC board in the World. That is not so much a measure of major sales success, but rather underlines just what a new product family the AmigaOne is, and how pioneering even the Linux port to the new hardware has been. Debian Linux is now the officially supported distribution on the AmigaOne Earlybird boards and systems and the success of this distribution is entirely down to those early adopters on the A1G3dev list. In this respect I must give special thanks to Ross Vumbaca who did a superb job on the Debian PPC installer for the AmigaOne. The AmigaOne is now regularly used by owners for browsing and email, productivity applications, TV/video capture, media playback and as a web server in its own right. The installer disk also make it easy to set up and use UAE, and installs Workbench 3.1 and the Magic Pack productivity software.

In terms of board types sold the majority of Earlybird purchasers have opted for the AmigaOne-XE G4 board/systems, although the demand for the G3 systems with the option of a subsequent upgrade to a single/double G4 CPU has also been higher than we originally expected. Many users of the G3 systems have overclocked these to 933MHz (thus voiding their warranties, but apparently without any adverse effects being experienced. On the other hand the current G4s that we are shipping are using 933MHz 7455 CPU's clocked down to 800MHz (to meet the advertised specifications) - surely making this, the selling of an underclocked CPU, unique in the Amiga marketplace!

As you have probably read elsewhere, OS4 has been widely shown throughout Europe running PPC-native on an A4000 CyberstormPPC accelerator. Hyperion are now hard at work completing the porting to the AmigaOne hardware. We are still holding the Earlybird offer (ie an AmigaOne supplied now with Debian Linux/UAE and a free copy of OS4 when available) open until the official launch date of OS4 for the AmigaOne is announced. This gives you the opportunity to start using the power of your AmigaOne under Linux/UAE now and hit the ground running when OS4 is released.

AmigaOne Lite - some more details.

In the last edition of Total Amiga I gave a brief overview of the AmigaOne Lite - an entry level AmigaOne designed to both as a CD32/A1200 successor and for use in embedded systems such as kiosks, STBs etc. However the more observant of you will have realised that in the last issue I actually described the AmigaOne-SE Lite - so why the change of name?

In the interim period we have re-examined the costs and decided that it is economically feasible to significantly increase the A1-Lites specification and flexibility within the same overall target pricing. As one of these changes is to use the standard A1XE CPU modules (plus a new entry-level 750CXe module) we dropped the SE from its name.

The full specifications for the AmigaOne Lite are as follows:

- Micro ITX form factor (170mmx170mm)
- Gigabit and 10/100 ethernet on board
- 133MHz UDMA RAID IDE controller
- USB 2.0 on board
- IEEE 1394 (FireWire) on board
- 2x AGP graphics on board with PAL/NTSC TV out
- AC97 sound on board
- 1 x PCI33MHz slot (horizontal, via supplied riser card)
- Cardbus slot for flash card support (diskless booting, applications, games slot etc)
- Usual legacy PS/2, serial, parallel ports

Being a standard form factor it will fit in a standard micro ITX case, such as the one shown in the enclosed photograph. Please visit the web link at and to see other suitable case designs. We are aiming to bring the AmigaOne Lite to market early next year.

Well thats all this issue - must dash - Ive got a plane to catch!


Article kindly supplied by Total Amiga Magazine - Issue 15

- DaveyD
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