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Poll : How has the latest info struck you?
No change
Optimistic before, now pessimistic
Pessimistic before, now optimistic
More cynical
Less cynical
I'm backing AmigaOS4 against 'AmigaOS5.0'/AA
I'm deserting AmigaOS4 for 'AmigaOS5.0'/AA
Re: [Poll] Garry Hare
Posted on 24-Mar-2005 12:46:51
#61 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 3-Mar-2003
Posts: 6487
From: Europe


Basically, GSM coverage is only limited to where the towers/repeaters are, whereas GPS is limited to environmental factors and "line of sight".

With regard to accuracy GSM positions determined by an algorithm combining signal strength and cell tower locations is roughly accurate up to 250 meters. GPS can be as accurate as up to a few meters (or more for military purposes).

GPS can be very useful for companies such as for example taxi services as they can instantly see in realtime where the nearest taxi is located. Consumers could possibly also track down buses and taxis using the internet.

BTW, all mobile phones sold in Japan after April 2007 are likely to be GPS equipped in order to enable the identification of a caller's position information in case of an emergency call.

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Re: [Poll] Garry Hare
Posted on 27-Mar-2005 3:40:44
# ]


AmigAlex wrote:

Ultimately, it's about freedom. That's why I use the Amiga in the first place, and I'll probably have to move to another country to keep doing so, seeing how things are becoming here with the DMCA, software patents, etc.

Hopefully my rambling makes some sense

Hi AmigAlex,

I don't think that all four major OS varieties (AmigaOS, Linux, MacIntosh OS X, and windross) will be compelled to be "the company owns all SW, it is 'somewhere else', as well as you personal data, whatever it may be".

Linux and AmigaOS COULD stay independent.

SW patents can't stop bedroom coders from writing ANYTHING they want to (as long as it isn't a copy of someone else's work).

Just because Donkey Kong is copyrighted, doesn't mean you can't make some similar 2D game.

Hi Wiffy,

I think I voted:
Optimistic before, now pessimistic
More cynical
I'm backing AmigaOS4 against 'AmigaOS5.0'/AA


That was BEFORE I knew about Garry Hare's clarification. I didn't see it. You should have had a link to it, because your wording for me was so vague that, I thought you were referring to the IRC chat, itself!

Wiffy wrote:

How do you feel about what Garry said, has it changed your mind

See? Sounded like you referred to the IRC chat.

The IRC chat left me cold. I couldn't figure out what the future was, and it really seemed as though even 4.1 was NOT going to see the light of day.

After reading the extended clarified reply, however, I am ELATED!!!!!

I see NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER with Amiga's future!!!!


4.1 or 4.2 we get SMP
4.5 or 4.6 we get 64 bit

AS LONG AS AmigaAnywhere is a separate program, which you don't even have to have on your hard drive for AOS to work, I don't care what they do with it.

I want the ethernet driver to be separate, and not functional, until activated, (therefore, doesn't have to be on the hard drive for AOS to work), just like Flash and Java are completely optional components.

AmigaAnywhere, if it's unintrucive this way, gets my "yes" vote, then.

I will even BUY AA, just to support Amiga any way I can, as long as it doesn't get integrated, and you're stuck with it, like "internet explorer" was.

Hyperion Entertainment!!!!
Amiga Inc.!!!!
Garry Hare!!!!

AmigaOne! AOS4.x!!!! Count me in the circle of "Happiest Amigan's Possible" please!

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Re: [Poll] Garry Hare
Posted on 27-Mar-2005 6:45:29
#63 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 23-Jun-2003
Posts: 481
From: Unknown

AmigAlex Announced:


you wouldn't need to have the programs you execute stored on your personal computer

I foresee a world where it will cost you a dollar each time you double-click on a document to open it, because it loads the remotely hosted textviewer which happens to have a pay-per-use fee attached to it. Never mind that the viewer crashes and you have to reload it numerous times, at your own expenses, which is in the EULA and part of the business plan of course. Oh, I forgot, the server is down, you ain't cropping your vacation pictures today, and hmm, remotely hosted viruses?

I, too, fear the day when the only solution for the consumer to purchase is the "service dependent" computer that cannot boot without being connected to an ISP. Without service, it is as useless as the telephone on your kitchen wall would be without service.

Companies have tried "Internet appliances" before, which were similarly service dependent, coded in the silicon to connect to a particular ISP for e-mail and such. They tanked then, but with the appropriate backing from Congress, there may yet be laws to mandate such things, "for the people's own good."

I just hope that the "Internet" in Amiga's "Internet Operating System" isn't alluding to that....


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