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Re: AmiStore : TBA
Posted on 15-Jun-2015 2:34:25
#61 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 8-May-2003
Posts: 687
From: Norway


wow 40!! last time i logged in it was around 10 or so.. ahh...only two weeks left at work and I'm getting home to start up my refreshing new AmigaOne and buy all of the one i don't already have.. but and i want more..plz give me more hehe

thank you a-eon & amigakit and every one that has contributed to this great achievement.


i understand what you mean, seeing it as TBA for a loong time and not getting it. the should maybe having a new category like "In development " or "coming soon" but still, i dont mind the "TBA" sure we are really hungry.. its christmas having amistore, and we want our present, even if it cost money. if not some news or blog when we hit the "tba" app.. not so frosen..

my humble 2 cents only

I'm happy either way. thanks for your existence

Last edited by noXLar on 15-Jun-2015 at 02:39 AM.

nox's in the house!

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Re: AmiStore : TBA
Posted on 15-Jun-2015 3:08:44
#62 ]
Super Member
Joined: 20-Aug-2003
Posts: 1578
From: Trondheim, Norway



Signal wrote:

Not speaking for AmigaKit, but I would guess.... Future?

Who's future? Building and maintaining a custom online store instead of using existing solution is in my view a waste of time and energy, unless you already have a huge user base, and a staff of admins and developers to keep it running. One-man-show solutions are dead ends, I know this from experience. It would make much more sense to just use an existing web based store, from a solid provider. But hey, it's not my health, family life and sanity that is on the line.

Last edited by kolla on 15-Jun-2015 at 04:49 AM.


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Re: AmiStore : TBA
Posted on 15-Jun-2015 11:31:11
#63 ]
Super Member
Joined: 12-Jun-2012
Posts: 1627
From: Norway


Well, Matthews job IS being a vendor (amongst other things), and making tools that will streamline sales directly online is an investment for the future.

I know I personally only buy online downloadable software (with the exception of Cherry Darling game), and when it comes to games well over 90% of them are on my steamclient.

Yes, Im completely aware that the Amiga customerbase is microscopic, but at the end of the day its the chosen platform for AmigaKit.
So making a "steamlike" client makes complete sense to me.

Steam has been in development for many years, so I would give Matthew some slack when it comes to the maturity of the client.

IF you don't like the client, that's fine. Simply don't use it.

I personally love the additional options provided.

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Re: AmiStore : TBA
Posted on 25-Dec-2015 8:00:42
#64 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 28-Nov-2003
Posts: 2325
From: Perugia, ITALY


since I'm really not so much scrive these months I complrgely miss that topic....however I really dont vet the point of view of guys complaiing K-L point of view...I also agree that have TBA for top many months was aa good jdea...appear to me only bere to film AmiStore(especially at its presentati on)...but not so good idea however....
But that was personal argumentations and nothing other ...

Simone"Tuxedo"Monsignori, Perugia, ITALY.

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