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Re: Copyright Infringement in OS4 SDK
Posted on 20-Sep-2015 13:16:57
#301 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 4-Jan-2005
Posts: 557
From: Chiba prefecture Japan

@pavlor + @OlafS25

the arrangement seems to be,

AmigaOS by Hyperion {--} AROS in the middle {--} MorphOS

with a massive family fued between AOS4 and MOS camps over historical bad actions,

And that is just my impression...

as for all this.

Both sides are equally culpable for my own personal opinion.

Hyperion publishing a bad check-in as part of official product,
and Piru for not actually giving Hyperion a business day to reply to the issue raised.

Too many people here seem to be shooting from the hip as in a spaghetti western before anyone gets to any point of discussion being organized.

The only peaceful resolution I can see is AROS used as neutral territory and both AOS4 and MOS making use of the AROS sources and submitting material to AROS (even after a delay) for any form of platform cross-compatability.

I'm not suggesting total co-operation... more of a cold war agreement not to shoot first,
with the AROS team acting as neutral territory (which means both AOS4+MOS teams keep hands OFF with AROS roadmapping, suggesting a solution and letting it find its own way).
Beyond the with your selected OS of choice and be happy.

Hyperion may have the original AOS3.1 sources but that is a moot point.

We are seeing the patents expire over time...the copyrights will as well.

Everyone seems to be trying to fight over who gets the inheritance before the parent in question has actually become deceased and is just quietly living the golden years peacefully.

It just makes the whole family look like idiots at best from my understanding.

Anyway...I've opened a thread asking if anyone can give me pointers for making my own project span the AOS4/AROS/MOS family members at least.
I can't expect anything on the 68K systems to support it.

maybe later I'll deal with the other one...but I'll see if anyone is willing to actually work with me on one thing at a time.

Hopefully I don't get burnt too badly

Last edited by Belxjander on 20-Sep-2015 at 01:41 PM.
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Last edited by Belxjander on 20-Sep-2015 at 01:19 PM.

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Re: Copyright Infringement in OS4 SDK
Posted on 20-Sep-2015 13:50:00
#302 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 10-Jul-2005
Posts: 9115
From: Unknown


with a massive family fued between AOS4 and MOS camps over historical bad actions,

And that is just my impression...

And correct one.

If OS5 reaches us someday, I hope it will be based on open source components. Depending on one company and few contributors with their own closed code is hazardous.

Note: OS4 developement is today some sort of "open source", as anybody who wants to contribute, can be member of the team - I assume it is similar with MorphOS Team.

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Re: Copyright Infringement in OS4 SDK
Posted on 20-Sep-2015 14:07:56
#303 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 12-May-2010
Posts: 5759
From: Unknown


I had this idea some time ago and tried to "sell" it to the MorphOS camp. Both AROS and MorphOS already share some code and many components are similar so it seemed to be logical. The answer in short: no interest. With the announced ISA change they want to drop compatibility anyway to get something "modern" so code sharing becomes senseless then. I also tried to talk to Ben H. when I saw him posting somewhere but that was mostly over after a couple of posts. And from the attitude that Aros and MorphOS are illegal because of using 3.1. code (last time indicated not very long ago) it does not make much hope. Also if they wanted they already could have used and contributed.

I do not think it will happen because all are "hobby projects", there is not much to earn and there are no 3rd party developers who could make pressure because of commercial reasons. So the idea to have a common open foundation and add specific closed parts is still good and makes sense but it will not happen unfortunately.

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Re: Copyright Infringement in OS4 SDK
Posted on 20-Sep-2015 14:24:22
#304 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 23-Mar-2011
Posts: 204
From: Montreal, QC, Canada



Scientific Progress Goes Boing!

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