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Re: Project Osiris - Alien Breed 3D Remake Released
Posted on 17-May-2021 17:49:07
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From: Unknown


Hey thanks! The latest version ipk3 has a DEFCVARS file inside it which should set most things to a reasonable default. It might not work if you had ini stuff for the game in your GZDoom from before, so try a clean GZDoom ini if it seems wrong. If it's still not working, the readme from older versions had some recommended options, which I'll post here along with some extra recommendations.

Resolution should preferably be 720p, 1080p, 1440p, or 4K. The image and text screens are scaled to a 640x360 resolution, so resolutions that are a multiple of that should look nice with perfect pixels. Also check your user interface scale, under HUD, or Advanced>Hud Options>Scaling Options for the full option set. Sadly the automatic setting in GZDoom seems to make things too small for me, so I'd manually set it. 2 or 3 is about right for 1080p.

- Render Mode: Hardware Renderer
- Preferred Rendering API: OpenGL or Vulkan
Advanced>Set Video Mode

^^^ This is very important, turning it to software mode or Softpoly API may result in slowness, incorrect colours or the boss robot on map 8 not displaying properly, or at all.

- Dynamic Lights: ON
Advanced>Display Options>Dynamic Light Options

- Shadowmaps: ON
Advanced>Display Options>Dynamic Light Options
(also crank up the shadowmap quality for maximum smoothness)

- Sector Lighting: Doom
Advanced>Display Options>Hardware Renderer

Those are the main things, anything else should be ok! Feel free to post the .sh file, I'm quite Linux-illiterate but if it helps people out I'll happily include it.

Last edited by ArcturusDeluxe on 17-May-2021 at 05:49 PM.

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