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Re: Atari Joystick with AmigaOne X5000
Posted on 12-Jul-2017 17:54:01
#21 ]
Joined: 4-Jul-2017
Posts: 51
From: Salem, OR


but while PPC is not there, in E-UAE, P96 support is

Actually, PPC is there. It has _some_ challenges - part of the reason for buying X5000. But otherwise, it is pretty stable. I've been using a current beta. "WinUAE_3500b11" 6/3/2017. It also has great Picasso 96 support. Use the GUI it comes with, some learning here and there but most of it is intuitive. You have to install the PPC extras yourself...not hard.

I've checked a couple versions of E-UAE for OS4 but none of them have the power of UAE that comes in the extras of OS4 CD. Which, without a doubt, is why it was chosen. But I'm still checking for either an update or a new compile.

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Re: Atari Joystick with AmigaOne X5000
Posted on 13-Jul-2017 1:02:20
#22 ]
Joined: 4-Jul-2017
Posts: 51
From: Salem, OR


After fiddling with the config file a bit, I finally E-UAE to be much quicker. Ooze AGA and ECS play much better now. I'm going to check some other programs to make sure other games are also doing as well. After that I'll probably copy over my OS 3.5 and 3.9 installs (zer060, but easily changable to zer040) and give that a go.

The UAE really does need to be updated though. For now, looking better. Would you like to know what changed? My OS 3.5 and 3.9 have Picasso96 active. Once I get that checked I'll also check CD playback.

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Re: Atari Joystick with AmigaOne X5000
Posted on 22-Jul-2017 23:56:53
#23 ]
Joined: 4-Jul-2017
Posts: 51
From: Salem, OR


New hardware came in for the Atari Joystick to function well. Hmm! Probably why my other hardware was discontinued. Pleased to have full access to games, AmigaOS 4.1.1 and Emulation.

Your software wasn't helpful to me..yet. But I can see where a Gamepad config could be very useful with it; will never happen for me. It's Atari or Keyboard or literal arcade machines for me....or nothing.

You need to edit config file for EUAE, RunInUAE just loads EUAE.

I'm very aware of that. :) E-UAE loads it's basic config, but RunInUAE loads its own. I've also realized UAE and RunInUAE are really, really meant for pure basic installs....nothing extra added at all. Wow! But, for pure Classic players...that's cool.

I found the "more advanced" JIT" and X1000 release. Rename the UAE directory that is installed with RunInUAE and then make the new release accessible, heeeey, more modifications are possible and so is JIT a lot better.
Now I'm checking for Picasso (IV/96/Whatever) Screen mode possibility - better emulations.

I want to get my CSPPC accessible through AmigaOS 4.1.1 but that might not happen for a while, depending on coders bringing the new UAE over.
For now...I'd be cool with accessing Picasso screens..

Another thing I noticed is my HillseaLido HD install crashes the standard UAE that comes with RunInUAE. But the emulated Floppy does not. Same with BoGRaTS. At first I thought "Did I not transfer the files correct?" but, FTP is working fine between WinUAE and AmigaOne X5K.

I've started checking into native programs, also, and PushOver is awesome! I hope Directory Opus 5 continues to evolve. It's so zippy!!! I was glad to buy it back in the day. As is Dopus 4.

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