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Wings and Defender of the Crown from
Posted on 12-Jun-2019 12:46:19
#1 ]
Joined: 27-Feb-2010
Posts: 57
From: Australia

Hi All,

I am curious of anyone received their copies of Wings and Defender of the Crown from the pre-order a few years back from I realised I never received mine and when I go to their web site, none of the links from the main page work, including contact, which makes it difficult to ask what is going on.


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Re: Wings and Defender of the Crown from
Posted on 12-Jun-2019 13:52:24
#2 ]
Joined: 25-Aug-2004
Posts: 92
From: Copenhagen, Denmark


I ordered Defender of the Crown 2 years ago. They ( are VERY slow. I did receive the game, but first after around 2 mounts, and consonantly writing emails to them. I was angry, since the website stated that the game was in stock.

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Re: Wings and Defender of the Crown from
Posted on 12-Jun-2019 17:39:02
#3 ]
Joined: 18-Feb-2017
Posts: 55
From: Unknown

That guy (Sven) is a scammer. I lost my 50 euros on Defender of the crown. Never arrived, sent tens of emails, received silly replies..
Look at this thread on EAB. Stay away from this thief.

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Re: Wings and Defender of the Crown from
Posted on 12-Jun-2019 20:44:14
#4 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 15-Oct-2006
Posts: 863
From: Livorno, Italy


I received my copy of Defender of the Crown.
Still waiting for Wings Remastered, it should be still in development but I lost my hope to get this one

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Re: Wings and Defender of the Crown from
Posted on 13-Jun-2019 17:19:37
#5 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 22-Jun-2004
Posts: 3515
From: Palencia city of the emptied Spain.

Still I waiting my MorphOS copy of Wings, other eternal Amiga proyect.

Amiga 500 with ROMs 1.3-2.05 and M-Tec AT500 with hard disk and 4MB Ram.
WinUAE + original OS 3.5&3.9
Sam440ep 800 MHZ + OS 4.1 F.E.
Sam460ex 1 GHz + OS 4.1 F.E.
MacMini 1.5 GHz + MorphOS 3.13
PowerBook G4 1.65 + MorphOS 3.13

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Re: Wings and Defender of the Crown from
Posted on 17-Jun-2019 1:12:57
#6 ]
Joined: 27-Feb-2010
Posts: 57
From: Australia

Thanks for everyone listing their own experience.

I had played the demo on my AmigaOS4.1 machine. I loved Wings on my A500 so I jumped at the chance to support an improved version for the newer OS's.

I emailed the support@ and sven@ email addresses but just got user unknown bounce back messages. That combined with the fact none of the links seem to work on the main site any more makes me believe I may as write off my money along with enjoying some rebooted classics running natively on my computer :(

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Re: Wings and Defender of the Crown from
Posted on 17-Jun-2019 20:16:39
#7 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 4-Mar-2008
Posts: 3534
From: Toronto, Canada

@ all

this from me, here on an existing thread entitled Wings remastered:

guys I reached out to Daniel and he was kind enough to give me the latest update below:

"Wings: it is almost done since months. Beta testing had already been started but then the project fell into hibernation again 😕
What remains to be done is bug fixing (mostly dogfight AI related; some airplane model LODs need extra love; some other minor stuff), the Compositing render path (all the rendering layer had been rewritten during the project, and the Compositing backend has not been fully reimplemented yet) and some details here and there.

Before anybody asks: no, I have not taken or seen or wanted even a single dime of those preorders so far, when the game is done, then and only then I'll request my share.

And no, the game has not been released yet. There exist packages for people who asked for a CD which only contains a dev demo build from about one year ago.

It is preorders so if people dont want to wait longer they can cancel it and get their money back.

It is done when it's done. I and only I will say when. Any news on that from other sources is nonsense.
Sorry that this has become a neverending story but it is as it is.

Unfortunately this is one of those seldom projects for which I have heavily underestimated the workload (yesyes, T57 too but thats a different story, there the "port" became half of a rewrite because of bad original code).

Wings is no port in the sense that you have some rather portable C code.

It is a game written from scratch with only a pile of partially incomplete or broken or faaar too heavy assets and a few js scripts and such as base. Plus an exe and some youtube vids to check out how it should work and look like.
The conversion and downstripping of the hundreds of 3D models took muuuuuuuch more time than I had thought. So did level "conversion" and especially the testing etc (countless maps you all have to check for little issues caused by buggy original data or because you missed subtle details)

If you spend month after month with sth like that, workflow and motivation doesn't become better 😕And other projects are to be done as well.And other projects are to be done as well.Both for a living and for Amiga.
Anyway, on some day it will be done. I won't trash a project that has costed so much sweat and has come so far."

so it's 'almost' done but done only when it's done and I for one am very fine with that considering Daniels track record with various successful Amiga projects

c64-2sids, A1000, A1200T-060@50(finally working!),A4000-CSMKIII
! My Master Miggies- Amiga 1000 & AmigaOne X1000 !

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