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Re: I noticed that Agony source is now available, anyone working on it?
Posted on 10-Jul-2020 17:05:30
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From: Norway


Writing good optimized routines, is really time consuming, the more complex a thing becomes the more problematic it becomes doing it on your own, and if you’re a beginner you can image it being an almost impossible thing to do.

Sure you write “hello world” program bug free on first try. Even profersonal use tests, and static analyzation tools, different kind debuggers, and different kind of tricks to find bugs.

Imaging banging a modern GPU with a drivers, no driver PCIE, no driver for SATA, no drivers anything, now image you need to get your game working with all kinds of different hardware ever made.

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Re: I noticed that Agony source is now available, anyone working on it?
Posted on 10-Jul-2020 17:38:37
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From: Greensborough, Australia


In some cases it was more practical to bang the hardware. They were low on resources so needed to conserve memory for the game. And as most games booted off floppy the OS would have got in the way. But some games did boot from a Workbench setup.

The A1000 is a special case. It actually has usable expansion RAM on board. But the OS locks it out when it loads. Apart from the usual chip RAM. It sits on the WOM. Write Once Memory reserved for Kickstart. Well, boot directly to floppy, and the programmer can unlock it for his use.

Don't know if many games used this trick.

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