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Re: Risc-V
Posted on 24-May-2023 1:20:44
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From: Unknown



ferrels wrote:
Now that these RISC boards are actually being produced, as many have predicted including me, the performance is laughable. Even the best of these junk SBCs perform as badly as an rPi 3 yet command a price of top-performing ARM SBCs such as the rPi 4 and Orange Pi 5.

RISC-V boards have been available for years. And the price has been coming down dramatically and steadily as it becomes more and more utilized.

The one in the post you comment to costs ~65cents, is available in single unit quantities, comes with usb and hdmi and runs linux.
It is a completely capable SBC for its purpose and it costs about 1/3000 of what an X5000 does.

Sure, this SBC is not a replacement for a desktop but it was never meant to replace a desktop. It is an SBC for embedded use and focusing on emulation on retro machines. Without the FPGA the device would cost a lot less even.

Why do you think a fully functional sub 1$ computer running linux is a failure?

There are also smaller ones, assembled boards with a low power / low compute RISC-V boards with wifi and usb you can use straight away for less than 10cent . That is lower than the ARM licence fee for these tiny systems. For sure, these are not desktops but microcontrollers that sit inside your HDD, your SDD, or hundreds of them inside your car. They each cost, for a physical uC LESS than the licence fee for buying an ARM uC.
Desktops are, what, hundred million units per year for CPU? uC's are like tens of billion units a year in volume.
If you are Seagate and ship several hundred million controller boards for the HDD/SDD using a uC.
Do you think saving 10cent per unit would matter if you buy several hundreds of millions of units .

The real world is not AMIGA where the market is a hundred handbuilt boards every few years, at best. Real world is hundreds of million boards per year, or more. And risc-v is killing it in this market.

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