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eSATAp on the Amiga
Posted on 2-Mar-2024 6:36:49
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New Member
Joined: 14-May-2022
Posts: 1
From: Unknown

The Amiga and the windowzzz pc both can use an SD card. I developed an eSATAp interface for my A3000D/T, and the A1200 (The A4000 and other Amigas that have an IDE port may also work). With one cable I can access most SATA devices, hard drives, SSD, CD/DVD drives. The project uses SD disks 2 to 4 GB formatted in fat32 using fat95.lha. Please see my project on by user a3000t eSATAp project which will give all information on how to install on the Amigas that have an IDE port or and adapter such as the Buddha IDE. The cost is around $35 or less all parts are available on eBay or your supplier. This will allow you to transfer large files to and from a windozzz machine to the Amiga using one eSATAp cable. This is very useful for backing up your WB and WORK partitions to a backup drive. I can restore 135mb of my WORK partition on my A3000T in about 4 to 5 minutes. The only issue is that you need to reboot the Amiga when you change SD card this is due to the SATA2IDE or the SD2SATA adapters can't do the Hot Swap/AHCI and I haven't found a work around. You can contact me at ""

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Re: eSATAp on the Amiga
Posted on 2-Mar-2024 7:29:49
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Elite Member
Joined: 10-Jul-2005
Posts: 9601
From: Unknown



And of course...


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Re: eSATAp on the Amiga
Posted on 4-Mar-2024 10:55:51
#3 ]
Super Member
Joined: 6-Oct-2006
Posts: 1227
From: Athens/Greece


Ah, very nice and useful project! I did thought in the past and tried something similar on my MorphOS/PowerMacG4 Sawtooth which ultimately didn't work though :/

Long story short, I have already connected successfully a Digitus IDE to SATA adapter with an SSD. Then I wanted to take advantage of the empty IDE port and bought 2 IDE to CF adapters on PCI brackets plus a DeLock IDE male to female 40pin adapter. The first IDE2CF was cheap chinese which when connected it started to smell funny and I removed it immediately. The other one was a quality DeLock. Despite all of my efforts, when the DeLock IDE2CF was connected, the system would halt during boot at the grey screen (meaning it had problem booting / finding storage devices).

To my defense, the same issue happened when I connected a 2nd Digitus to SATA on the empty IDE port.

I tried with all jumper positions on all devices but none work :(

In the end I manage to connect a regular IDE 320GB 7200rpm as a second storage unit at least.

Now, I am examining a 3.5' drive bay with SD interface for my SamEp440. I would like to avoid usb connections due to instability (or better put "the fear of") and take advantage of the speedy internal SATA port of the motherboard. However so far I haven't found any that would fit my use case. What comes closer is the DeLock SATA2CF but this is just CF and don't want to waste my bay just for CF. On the other hand, I did found some SATA2CF on PCI bracket. Do you have any specific recommendation? Based to your knowledge these don't require dedicated drivers right?


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