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Looking for OS includes for WarpOS code output (gcc)
Posted on 11-Jun-2024 6:23:15
#1 ]
Joined: 10-Mar-2003
Posts: 673
From: Unknown


Anyone got OS-includes for WarpOS code output
for gcc (not vbcc, not StormC, the ones with inline/
files for gcc and the needed - if i remember
right - pragma pack stuff).

Thanks in advance!

(I was asked if i can do a WarpOS compile of
Gorky 17 too when i do the 68k version, but
i do not have includes anymore, compiler i have
a working one, just with only the basic includes,
OS includes missing)


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Re: Looking for OS includes for WarpOS code output (gcc)
Posted on 12-Jun-2024 6:09:25
#2 ]
Joined: 10-Mar-2003
Posts: 673
From: Unknown

Managed to find the inlines now.

Still following problems:

1. Need a libSDL.a for WarpOS (for recompiling the dynamic linker library magicsoundsystem I am using for Gorky17)
2. Still need the pragma pack adapted OS includes (in worst case I can do this adaption myselves)
3. Linking crashes currently (for now I just compiled it without the pragma pack stuff, to see if it compiles at all, which it did) the 68k Emu of OS4 (I am running a WarpOS-hosted gcc on OS4), probably has to get linked on a real WarpOS-system then, but I will look at that last

The biggest immediate problem is the need for a libSDL.a. I found the source-code of one, but it relies on some MorphOS-based compiler for Fat Binary stuff. Cannot remember how this was done with AmigaOS-hosted compiler (which I need to use), I think somehow the compiled code (done with 68k compiler) was done into an array, and this provided to it, but I cannot remember how this was done exactly. If someone could refresh my memory on it this would be great (or even better provide me a working libSDL.a for WarpOS)

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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Re: Looking for OS includes for WarpOS code output (gcc)
Posted on 13-Jun-2024 6:20:14
#3 ]
Joined: 10-Mar-2003
Posts: 673
From: Unknown

Got now a WOS compiler that fully works, pragma-adaptions to includes at all.

Does not have a working SDL (due to different syntax of pragma pack in the
old 2.95.2 based compiler) but someone will try to
compile magicsoundsystem (the only exe were i need SDL) for me.

Linker crash does not happen with this 2.95.2 gcc ;) only the 2.95.3 one had it.

Asides from that i still need to work out a few things but need to do this myselves

- adapt g17 code to compiler not able to do unnamed unions
- adapt to some missing functions in linker libs like

But i will be able to do this. Most likely wos version will
not be available together with 68k version but at a
later time though

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