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Hardware News   Hardware News : SWAUG Tutorial: Towering the A1200
   posted by swaug on 9-Jun-2004 1:38:06 (1361 reads)
This is an account of how a member recently towered an Amiga 1200 into a PC tower case with window. The Amiga was constructed from unused Amiga hardware to put the spare kit lying around to good use.

Towering the A1200


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Re: SWAUG Tutorial: Towering the A1200
Posted on 9-Jun-2004 13:56:31
#1 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 12-Dec-2002
Posts: 844
From: England, United Kingdom

It turned out quite a powerful beast in the end

Founder of NWAG - North West Amiga Group

Night Operations

A1200 020/28MHz + 64Mb / 4Gb CF / OS / 1438S
A500+ / 2Mb

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Re: SWAUG Tutorial: Towering the A1200
Posted on 10-Jun-2004 8:49:23
#2 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 29-Apr-2003
Posts: 238
From: Sweden

BlizzardPPC installed with 256Mb
BVision 2D/3D graphics card
80GB IDE 7200RPM hard disk drive in removable bay
52X IDE CD-ReWriter
6 x USB ports (4 x self-powered, 2 x m/b-powered)
10Mb Network Card (ADSL Ready)
Power Flyer IDE interface
Amiga OS 3.9
Kickstart 3.1 ROM
Window Tower Case with case light.

"Leftover spare bits" my ass. Apart from that it's an ok tower but I have some pointers (as allways). First off sad to see the scraches on the front. The USB ports in the 5.25" place doesn't look too good, could perhaps be part of something more (fancontroll, cardreaders etc) but doesn't work too good on their own. The PCMCIA port look awfull... should angle it and just have a TP port on the back instead of the hole card sticking out. It lack a lot of ports on the back (Par, Ser, Joy, Sound and RF to mention a few) that could very well be needed at some point. And I belive that the HD could be a permanent thing and the HDRack used for an extra unit instead... perfect for swapping and backup.

Computerhollic, Amiga is my fix!

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Re: SWAUG Tutorial: Towering the A1200
Posted on 10-Jun-2004 10:28:29
# ]

Looks cool to me :)


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