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Internet News   Internet News : Amiga Demoscene Archive: picking up speed...
   posted by z5 on 20-Feb-2005 11:13:43 (2551 reads)
Instead of slowing down, we pick up speed with bigger updates. At Amiga Demoscene Archive the following productions have been added in February:

- Hacks for tracks / Ephidrena
- Rout / Potion
- Spasmania / Spaceballs
- Fairytale / Floppy
- Untitled / Floppy
- Beer / Ephidrena
- Real 40k intro / Lego
- In a world of ASCII / Impact
- Finger / Decree
- Zoombi / Union
- Y'on / Anadune and Floppy
- Vertus / Potion
- Response / Avalon
- Maximum Velocity / The Silents
- Tag / Impact DK
- Tribute / Scarab

That amounts to 456 productions of pure eye-candy for you to discover and enjoy.

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Re: Amiga Demoscene Archive: picking up speed...
Posted on 20-Feb-2005 20:17:27
#1 ]
Super Member
Joined: 22-Nov-2003
Posts: 1962
From: Birmingham, England

I do like these things

Does any crack team of coders out there fancy doing a demo based on my record label? It's something I've always wanted to see done.


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Re: Amiga Demoscene Archive: picking up speed...
Posted on 20-Feb-2005 21:33:38
#2 ]
Super Member
Joined: 8-Jun-2003
Posts: 1502
From: UK/South Wales

A lot more of these demos need to be converted to AVI and/or Mpeg so I can view them on my A1.

Or make a load of OS4 demos


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Re: Amiga Demoscene Archive: picking up speed...
Posted on 20-Feb-2005 21:59:54
#3 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 5-Jul-2003
Posts: 268
From: Belgium


nah...nothing like the real thing to watch these beauties on Watching a video of a demo just isn't the same thing.


Hacks for tracks was released in january 2005 and is a musicdisk in 4 kilobytes (!) with 4 tunes and a graphical frontend. Well worth checking out (so is the rest ofcourse)!

And for those interested, Silkcut/The Black Lotus and Finnmark/Ephidrena were both nominated for the Awards (which is a bit like the oscars for movies, organised by the team). Silkcut was nominated for Best Demo, Best Graphics, Best Direction and Public's choice. Finnmark was nominated for best 4k intro. The winners will be announced at the end of March (at Breakpoint party). Not bad for two good old AGA demoscene productions

A.miga D.emoscene A.rchive

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Re: Amiga Demoscene Archive: picking up speed...
Posted on 20-Feb-2005 22:29:37
#4 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 24-Dec-2002
Posts: 2630
From: Glasgow, UK

Or make a load of OS4 demos

That would be my preferred option.


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