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News   News : Sega rejects Microsoft tie-up reports
   posted by DaveyD on 4-Mar-2003 23:49:52 (1595 reads)
Troubled software maker Sega, the parent of Sonic the Hedgehog, has dismissed reports of merger talks with either US games group Electronic Arts (EA) or Microsoft.

"It is not true at all that Electronic Arts of the United States has sounded us on a capital tie-up," Sega president Hideki Sato said in a statement.

Sega insisted it would pursue a previously announced tie-up with a local pin-ball machine maker.

The denials sent shares tumbling back down 5% after press speculation about a merger last week saw them rocket up more than 15% higher on Friday.

Microsoft and EA have both denied the reports.

Pinball wizard

On 13 February, Sega and Sammy, Japan's largest maker of pinball-style "pachinko" machines, announced they would integrate their businesses by October and would consider a full merger.

"We will give the top priority to the earlier-announced integration of operations with Sammy and work towards it," the company said.

But the Sega-Sammy tie-up is seen as a takeover by the pinball giant and has been rejected by Sega's investors.

Sega reported its fifth successive full-year loss in 2001-02 and last year ditched its loss-making Dreamcast console.


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Re: Sega rejects Microsoft tie-up reports
Posted on 5-Mar-2003 11:22:33
#1 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 24-Jan-2003
Posts: 486
From: Back in the dales


Saga and Mircoshaft merging? hehe That wasn't gonna ahppen cos saga is too small these days for them to even bother with.

Saga have made some good things tho. Like sagas light gun they were the best at that time. They were the only people to get it right.

Dogs come when called, We cats take a messege and get back later - maybe!!!!

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Re: Sega rejects Microsoft tie-up reports
Posted on 5-Mar-2003 22:27:40
#2 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 24-Dec-2002
Posts: 2630
From: Glasgow, UK

Sega is just about dead.

Never owned any of their stuff apart from the mega drive, even that stank too, altered beast has got to be one of the worst games ever.


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Re: Sega rejects Microsoft tie-up reports
Posted on 6-Mar-2003 20:36:39
#3 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 18-Jan-2003
Posts: 2317
From: Minnesota, USA

Shining Force is a pretty good RPG. It's a pitty only the first one can be played on the PC. Maybe if they started porting more of their old Genesis and Saturn games to PC or Amiga or AmigaDE they would start turning a profit.

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