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Events   Events : Pictures of our december 16th C= Show online
   posted by ronvs on 19-Dec-2006 14:30:21 (1970 reads)
The pictures of our last very well visited C= Show (with AmigaOne and OS4 demonstration) are online now: Link (click on the right side of the page at C= Show Reports).

Also our calendar for 2007 is added to our website, offcourse there will be regurlarly updates on this calendar but the dates are permanent.

We shall continue our shows in 2007 and hopefully again with so many visotors and activities as in 2006. We have more and more members, 820 on this moment! We wish you all a good Christmas and a very good C= 2007 !!!

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Re: Pictures of our december 16th C= Show online
Posted on 19-Dec-2006 15:17:26
#1 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 20-Jun-2003
Posts: 2159
From: Long Riston, East Yorkshire

Could one of the mods fix the URL to a link.

OK, I'll do it myself!! Click here

Peter Swallow.
A1XEG3-800 [IBM 750FX PowerPC], running OS4.1FE, using ac97 onboard sound.

"There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don't."

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Re: Pictures of our december 16th C= Show online
Posted on 19-Dec-2006 19:15:06
#2 ]
Team Member
Joined: 20-Aug-2003
Posts: 6291
From: County Yakima, WA State, USA

@ Swoop

Some sneak must have beat me to it. It is working now.


AmigaOne X1000
AmigaOne XE G4
I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

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Re: Pictures of our december 16th C= Show online
Posted on 19-Dec-2006 22:19:50
#3 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 28-Sep-2006
Posts: 260
From: Netherlands

Here is the direct link to the party pics


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Re: Pictures of our december 16th C= Show online
Posted on 20-Dec-2006 0:42:46
#4 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 8-Mar-2003
Posts: 2007
From: Noranda Canada

It sure looks like it was a great Show. Great pictures.


A1-C 750GX@800 using OS4.1

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Re: Pictures of our december 16th C= Show online
Posted on 20-Dec-2006 2:06:31
#5 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 30-Mar-2003
Posts: 231
From: Unknown

Here is the direct link


I do believe that these pics pages don't get anyone looking at them because you have to dig around and stumble on them.

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Re: Pictures of our december 16th C= Show online
Posted on 20-Dec-2006 9:38:10
#6 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 10-Mar-2003
Posts: 550
From: The Netherlands, Europe

In the end we had 4 AmigaOne computers there so that was a nice turn out. It was a shame there couldn't be anymore Dutch A1 users because I know there are more.

We also had a visit from someone who left his A1 at home. He had his A1 running for about 50 days with an IRC client running 24 hours a day before it crashed.

I also talked to someone that just started again with an A1200 and when he saw AmigaOS 4 he said that it does invite to start again but.......

the only thing I can tell him is that there is no hardware other then overpriced second hand hardware and NO definite sign that there will be any new hardware. Although there are merely non conclusive signs.

Also the feeling I got from many people there, which I can fully support also, is that many people now feel that Amiga OS 4 should go the Intel road because of the lack of hardware. These people are now also at the point where they also stop considering buying OS4 and special hardware if this lack continues.

AmigaOne-XE G3 OS 4.
A4000 PPC
A1200 PPC

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