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Internet News   Internet News :  Acube and Nusim Open Bounty For AROS Port to SAM440
   posted by Fransexy on 14-Jun-2007 15:29:23 (7725 reads)
On and Aros-exec has been posted this:

"Acube and Nusim have formed a TeamAROS Bounty to port AROS to SAM440. Official bounty will be open as soon as the AROS Devs have had enough time to give input on the bounty's description"

"Acube Systems SRL and Nusim Ltd are hoping to get an AROS port started to the Acube Systems SAM440 board.
Acube have kindly decided to make available a SAM440 board to the developer who accepts the bounty. The bounty $ amount will start in the same territory as the EFIKA bounty did.

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Re: Acube and Nusim Open Bounty For AROS Port to SAM440
Posted on 17-Jun-2007 17:22:16
# ]


"No doubt, however, their timing on this stinks. If I were Hyperion, I would not exactly be very happy about this right now, not to mention that not all that long ago Hyperion was calling AROS and illegal port of the Amiga OS."

No they didn't.

Hyperion did not issue a statement saying AROS was illegal. A member of Hyperion said that it was "probably" illegal in a private email conversation. He made no indication it was anything more than a personal opinion.

It may seem picky, but I know how these things get repeated.


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Re: Acube and Nusim Open Bounty For AROS Port to SAM440
Posted on 18-Jun-2007 15:11:00
#42 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 18-Jan-2005
Posts: 936
From: Toronto, Canada

A member of Hyperion said that it was "probably" illegal in a private email conversation.

Oh, by "member of Hyperion" you mean Evert Carton, the managing partner and pretty much only official voice of Hyperion? And this was stated in a conversation with Bill McEwen, the head of Amiga Inc.? I would not exactly take something said in this context and by the head of a company with a certain litigious past, to the head of another company with the trademark ownership in question, very lightly. Given the past history of this company's personal but often very public predatory "views" on other technologies that it sees as competing illegally or unfairly with them on a product that they hadn't even completed or released yet, and considering that it has often resulted very negatively for others in the Amiga marketplace, I would say that this was letigious jab at the AROS team to get AInc. to do something.

When swimming with sharks, make sure to bring lots of band-aids...

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Re: Acube and Nusim Open Bounty For AROS Port to SAM440
Posted on 18-Jun-2007 18:31:45
# ]


Sorry, I just want to be totally clear about this. Even if Carton is "pretty much only official voice of Hyperion" him making a remark in a private email cannot be turned into "Hyperion said this". The Friedens made that distinction on here enough times.

Even if unintentional, it's one little step in a chinese whisper that would only end up damaging AROS. I don't want to see someone on OSNews saying "Hyperion said they're going to sue AROS" because that what they heard.

If I were to speculate about this, I'd say that whatever Carton's private view is, the likelihood of anyone going after AROS is as slim as the fluff under Nicole Ritchie's little finger nail.


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