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Internet News   Internet News : Update Amiga Hardware Database (2009-05-10)
   posted by thals on 10-May-2009 18:26:43 (2552 reads)
The Amiga Hardware Database ( has been updated today, with several new (and to some extent rare) expansions, photos, disks and manuals.

See the latest changes here:

Read more....

New expansions:
* IDS ProKick / ProKick XL
* Ashcom Design AddHard
* New Dimensions TechnoSound Turbo
* Cabletronic Modulus ESP 329
* Vertex Associates Alterex 1002
* Go Direct M1205
* Individual Computers A603
* BSC / AlfaData CD1200+

Expansion description updated:
* Pre'spect / BSC Slingshot / Slingshot Pro
* Individual Computers Buddha "Phoenix Edition"
* DKB Insider II
* Hardital Over The Top
* BSC/AlfaData AlfaPower Plus
* RBM IOBlix
* Ronin / IMtronics Hurricane 2800 & Mk2
* Expert Services Rejuvenator
* Vortex Golden Gate 386SX & 486SLC & 486SLC2

Photo / Gallery pics added:
* Mainhattan Data / Omega Datentechnik Audio Blaster
* Individual Computers Indivision AGA
* Microdeal VideoMaster
* Power Computing PC1204
* IDS ProKick / ProKick XL
* New Dimensions TechnoSound Turbo
* Cabletronic Modulus ESP 329
* Vertex Associates Alterex 1002
* Sunrize Industries Perfect Sound
* Cortex Design Cortex A500/A1000 RAM

Manual Added:
* Cabletronic Modulus ESP 329
* S.E. Watts Electronics AX-RAM FOUR
* Kupke Golem RAM Box

Software added:
* New Dimensions TechnoSound Turbo
* DKB 3128
* X-Pert / VillageTronic Domino
* C-Ltd Kronos
* MacroSystem Retina
* MacroSystem Retina BLT Z3
* GVP G-Force 040 2000
* Hagenau Computer DeluxeView
* ASDG Dual Serial Board
* Amitek Hawk
* Rombo Productions Vidi Amiga 12

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Re: Update Amiga Hardware Database (2009-05-10)
Posted on 11-May-2009 3:33:53
#1 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 2-Dec-2003
Posts: 694
From: Sandy, Utah. USA

Yeah! That site is awesome!

Sam460 : X1000 : X5000

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Re: Update Amiga Hardware Database (2009-05-10)
Posted on 11-May-2009 8:45:22
#2 ]
Super Member
Joined: 22-Jan-2004
Posts: 1298
From: City of Lost Angels, California.

Considering how few people used computers in those days, it's amazing how many companies were making Amiga hardware and software, and how much stuff came out of it.
It really shows how popular the platform was.

But now, 15 years later, we've dropped from several percents of the market to less than 0.0001% it seems.

I bet that if we had even just 1% of Apple's share of the market, the economy of scale would allow our hardware to cost less than half of what it is now and our software base to grow 100x faster...

AlexC's free OS4 software collection

AmigaOne XE/X1000/X5000/UAE-PPC OS4 laptop/X-10 Home Automation

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Re: Update Amiga Hardware Database (2009-05-10)
Posted on 11-May-2009 20:00:23
#3 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 12-Sep-2004
Posts: 3023
From: Stad; en d'r is moar ain stad en da's Stad. Makkelk zat!

This site is very, very impressive and highly usefull!



More then three levels of indigestion and you're scroomed!

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Re: Update Amiga Hardware Database (2009-05-10)
Posted on 11-May-2009 21:01:00
#4 ]
Super Member
Joined: 17-Dec-2007
Posts: 1816
From: Gothenburg, THE front side of Sweden ;), (via Finland), EU

A very nice and useful site!

AmigaOS 4.1 FEu2 on Sam440ep-flex 800MHz 1GB RAM
C128, A500+, A1200, A1200/40, AmigaForever 2008+09+16, 5 x86/x64 boxes
Still waiting (or dreaming) for the Amiga revolution...

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