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Hardware News   Hardware News : Agreement Relec & AmigaCenter for Minimig upgrade
   posted by unimon on 14-Sep-2009 22:24:55 (2768 reads)
Communiqué from RELEC & AmigaCenter
Memory upgrade service for Minimig

RELEC (Swiss Amiga dealer) and AmigaCenter (see below) are pleased to announce you that they make an agreement for an " Upgrade service", which allows the update of the memory to 1MB for all Minimig Rev.1.1 ( ACube-Systems). This brings a better compatibility and increases the speed of the Minimig. If necessary, the new firmware YQ090421 will be installed!

Indeed, it is AmigaCenter (AmigaCenter) which is authorized to make this modifications work and it has to be necessarily ordered directly at RELEC. It is enough to contact the commercial service by email. Then you will receive all informations and the price.


About AmigaCenter, the company is well known, since a long time, in the Amiga community for the quality of its repairs, maintenances and reworks.
Their skills allow them to intervene on all kinds of Amiga Classic machines, but also accelerator boards and AmigaOne. They enjoy an excellent reputation next to the users in all Europe and for this reason RELEC choses and trusts AmigaCenter!

We thank you for your trust
Team RELEC and AmigaCenter

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Re: Agreement Relec & AmigaCenter for Minimig upgrade
Posted on 15-Sep-2009 17:54:47
#1 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 17-Dec-2003
Posts: 513
From: Germany


One question please:

I thought the Minimig Rev.1.1 ( ACube-Systems) comes with 2MB RAM.

Why then updating to 1MB? I´m a bit confused.
It sounds like Minimig only has 512KB Ram and that´s why an update exists now.

greetings zErec

- AmigaX1Ooo with OS4.1FE // CD32/SX32Pro/SX1/CD32Shuttle
- A600-Vampire600 FPGA // A4KT/CSPPC233,144MB,PCI, AOS4.1.6FE
- MACmini 1.5GHz // Pegasos 2 1GHz // Efika
- ATARI Falcon/060/SuperVidel // ATARI Falcon MK X

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Re: Agreement Relec & AmigaCenter for Minimig upgrade
Posted on 15-Sep-2009 22:40:45
#2 ]
Super Member
Joined: 5-Feb-2007
Posts: 1919
From: UK, AUS, US

Sounds like a good partnership.

I'm interested in buying a fully enhanced version of MiniMig - including the latest firmware upgrade.

Please make more details available.

Easy Pocket Money, Freelancers & Experts Online
MiniMig FPGA, Sam440 Flex 733Mhz PPC, Amiga OS 4.1 Update 2, MorphOS 2.4, Other - AmiKit + Cloanto Amiga Forever 2008 + E-UAE, AmigaSYS

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Re: Agreement Relec & AmigaCenter for Minimig upgrade
Posted on 16-Sep-2009 19:53:44
#3 ]
Joined: 10-Mar-2003
Posts: 21
From: Suisse

sorry for this translation error, the total of RAM is 4MB!


Please contact directly RELEC Switzerland for more information

Thank you

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