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software OS4   software OS4 : Jack 2.9 Now Available - The 'Interface' update
   posted by djrikki on 22-Jan-2012 17:23:30 (1771 reads)
Hello, the next release of Jack is finally available for download on OS4Depot or via the Jack website.


The major change in this version is the introduction of a new interface. The old commodity and calendar window have been consolidated into a one interface.
You can now switch between the Calendar (see note below) or the Weather within this interface.

I love my keyboard shortcuts and have added a few funky ones which are available when the main interface is open. The most useful of these is accessed by pressing F... give it a try! Or spoil the surprise and read below. =p

I hope you enjoy this release of Jack. I hope I have fixed the majority of bugs reported. Any feedback or error reports is welcome via the usual channels. If something is broken and you don't tell me then it won't get fixed unless I am find it myself. So please, please be pro-active!

In the next release due sometime Mid-February I plan to improve the Screen Capture feature so you can crop area of the screen first before entering the image editor. At the moment I am also playing around with a thumb nail viewer to compliment the full-screen mode. I already have it working so that images are loaded and displayed asynchronously without blocking the interface. I am quite happy to share that part of the code with Tuxedo if he wants to add into LoView or explain the mechanism.

Anyway, rant is over with, enjoy!

This release fixes problems non-English users have experienced with opening Jack. If Jack has trouble understanding a locale and language setting the interface will open up with the Calendar functionality disabled and show the weather instead.

Download/Installation instructions:

* Existing Users (Available once Jack has left OS4Depot's Upload Queue)
Simply start your current version of Jack as normal and when prompted click the confirmation button to proceed with the download.
Open the Installation Drawer and click on the Install Jack icon - after that simply select the location where you already have Jack installed and the installation is complete.

* New Users - Visit OS4Depot and type Jack in the search box. Or use this link:

Make sure the latest version is shown on screen before downloading.
Installation is simple, just press the Install Jack icon and select a location where you would like Jack to be installed. Jack will now appear on your Dockbar.

Please submit all bug reports, suggestions and feedback on:


Changes since 2.8: ( The uber-long list)

* New funky interface consolidating the features of the previous Commodity and Calendar windows into one interface. Also the interface is now opened up in a truly transparent window.

* Locale: The program will no longer hang on start-up to users whose primarily locale is not set as English. However it comes at a small price, the user
cannot enter Calendar mode in this version instead the Weather for your location is always shown.

* Fonts: All fonts are now Anti-aliased.

* Calendar: Funky 'Hidden' keys added.
Lets start with the most useful, time-saving shortcut!
Pressing F, if Filer is installed, will open TWO instances of Filer side-by-side!
Pressing D, if DOpus is installed, will open up Directory Opus for those who resist change.
Pressing N, if Notepad is installed, will open up Notepad.
Press TAB and type in a URL to open site/address in your browser.
Press S to open up a Shell window

Regular keys:
Press W to toggle between Weather and Calendar
Press C to open configuration
Press I for program and system information
Press J for help / website

* Corrections in Configuration Editor on Save, sometimes your location wasn't saved, now fixed.

* Calendar: Traversing through months is quicker.

* Weather: Graphics are available for Daytime and Night-time.

* Weather: Jack will automatically update the Weather every hour.

* Calendar: OUTSTANDING BUG: The Reset to current month button does not work as planned. If you notice the days are incorrect either restart Jack or move forward one month and back again using the arrows and then press Reset.

* GetVideo, Rexx script now included in distribution, thanks to Thematic for spotting that it was missing.

* WordNet: Fixed excessive HDD access.

* Google Currency: Extended GUI Toolkit into this module.

* Calculator: Extended GUI Toolkit into this module.

* Calculator: Now handles decimal numbers by using a third-party Eval tool installed along with Jack.

* Calendar: You can now drag either a drawer containing images OR a file to be actioned to just one single drag and drop area. Top left icon.

* Calendar: Drag n Drop area. Please note ALTHOUGH you can drag and drop web pages, if you have Odyssey set up as your default web browser through OpenURL or you select Odyssey from the URL-Window - the current 1.9 version does not correctly identify the path to the file.

* Calendar: Drag n Drop area. Squashed a bug, you can now drop a volume (or any drawer) and it will enter slideshow mode even if there are no images in
the target directory. You can then traverse the up and down the drawer structure as before.

* Calendar: Drag n Drop area. Dropping .lha, .tar, .zip and other compressed archive formats will bring up the standard Info window instead of attempting
to extract the archive somewhere. Extraction has been disabled for now as it needs more work and will be re-implemented at a later date.

* Add Event: Removed the text '(required)' which could partially be seen in the interface connected to the first textfield.

* Add Event: Closing via the Cancel button and quickly moving the mouse could on occasion cause the program to hang. Fixed.

* Slideshow mode: It is now no longer possible to drag the display away from the top of the screen.

* Search Window: Those annoying ._ files created by Mac OS X that typically end up on USB devices are automatically filtered from the results. Also entries
with .Trashes somewhere in their file path are also filtered.

* Search Window: Clicking an Image from the search results will no longer result in windows being open that shouldn't be.

* Search Window: Clicking a single Image from the search results sends the user into the Image Editor as before, but no longer in 'batch-mode' which resulted in unexpected bugs. A crash which sometimes occurred after saving the image after this process has also been fixed.

* Search Window: Selecting multiple images from the search results sends the user to the Image Editor as before, but no longer in 'batch-mode' despite the
message to the contrary. The program will select the last image that has been double clicked. This behaviour maybe reviewed in the future.

* Thanks to Tuxedo, Samo79, Toaks, Thematic, Tekmage and anyone I've missed for support with reporting bugs, errors and mistakes.

* Updated program credits to include Nikola Tomic who kindly provided the Skins for the new interface.

* Special thanks to Kas1e for providing inspiration and setting the bar high for me.

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Re: Jack 2.9 Now Available - The 'Interface' updat
Posted on 22-Jan-2012 18:56:01
#1 ]
Team Member
Joined: 20-Aug-2003
Posts: 6291
From: County Yakima, WA State, USA

for the update!

Jack keeps improving and marching on.

AmigaOne X1000
AmigaOne XE G4
I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

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Re: Jack 2.9 Now Available - The 'Interface' updat
Posted on 23-Jan-2012 3:56:32
#2 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 30-Apr-2007
Posts: 259
From: Australia

This might turn out to be the killer app for OS4!!. All of DAX's predictions are coming true!!

"ICE CREAM, ICE CREAM!" - Speedball 2.

"Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!" - Monkey Island

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Re: Jack 2.9 Now Available - The 'Interface' updat
Posted on 23-Jan-2012 6:25:50
#3 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 10-Mar-2003
Posts: 8042

Love the new look!
thanks again for yet another update!.

See my blog and collection website! .

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Re: Jack 2.9 Now Available - The 'Interface' updat
Posted on 24-Jan-2012 17:09:32
#4 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 20-Jan-2010
Posts: 659
From: Isselburg,Germany

I like the new look .Great work


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