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software MorphOS   software MorphOS : Word Me Up XXL 1.53 available on MorphOS
   posted by Glames on 5-Mar-2012 17:28:20 (1441 reads)
The update 1.53 of Word Me Up XXL is now available for MorphOS enabled computers.

Many new features and optimizations have been brought into the update 1.53, notably a game 30% faster and for the first time for a MorphOS game, the management of touch screens. The game is also available for AmigaOS 4 and Windows computers. The Linux (x86) and MacOS (x86) releases are also planned.

New features:
- The game (itself) is 30% faster.
- The game is playable with fingers if you have a touch screen.
- New launch menu that makes it easy to reach different parts of Word Me Up
XXL (readme, game, website, ...). All of these parts are translated in the
11 languages of the game.
- Game is more friendly: help on each screen, for every level, tutorial...
- New transition effects between screens.
- New users management: more intuitive, allows to 12 users to play and save
their games (instead of 6 previously).
- Two new characters available: Lisa and Miss Shen.
- Four new levels (training), so 64 levels available in full version.
- Graphical art enhancements.
- Vsync.
- In-game animations (when you loose a life, money, ...).
- You can choose sound effects without music.
- Fading when music changes.
- 27 avatars included.
- And much more...

This update is free for all people that have already bought the game. Others can buy the game online.

Don't forget to register your copy to get updates if you don't buy game via our webshop. And always send us you new e-mail if it's updated.

You can dowload a free updated demo containing 8 of the 64 game levels here. Please note that AmigaOS 4 version is now also in 1.53.

With WordMeUp XXL, take fun!

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Re: Word Me Up XXL 1.53 available on MorphOS
Posted on 6-Mar-2012 11:19:11
#1 ]
Super Member
Joined: 30-Mar-2005
Posts: 1051
From: Glasgow, Scotland

Thanks for the update.

This update finally cures the slow fade in issue, so making the menus and screen chnages feel much more snappy when playing on my sam440ep mini-itx system under os4.1.

Sam440ep 667mhz, 512MB, 120GB 2.5" HD, OS4.1FE
WinUae 3.0.0, OS 3.9, BB3, Catweasel MkIV
Amiga 1200, Blizzard 040/40 (BlizzardPPC 060/200 with SCSI removed at present), mediatorSX pci, Voodoo3, PCI network card os 3.9BB2
4MB Minimig with ARM addon boar

 Status: Offline
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Re: Word Me Up XXL 1.53 available on MorphOS
Posted on 6-Mar-2012 18:52:18
#2 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 16-Mar-2003
Posts: 379
From: Nantes, France


you're welcome.

Thank you for your feedback.

Glames / Boing Attitude :)

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