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News   News : Spam peddlers hijack computers
   posted by DaveyD on 3-Jul-2003 8:53:17 (1721 reads)
Computers belonging to thousands of companies across the world are being hijacked by e-mail spammers to disguise their true identities and host their websites.

A special investigation by the BBC has revealed that British Airways was used without its knowledge to host a website advertising Russian mail order brides.

Home computer users are even more at risk, because their equipment is usually even less protected.

The people responsible for the British Airways attack appear to be based in Argentina and send millions of indiscriminate spam e-mails a day, many of them pornographic in nature.



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Re: Spam peddlers hijack computers
Posted on 3-Jul-2003 9:40:31
#1 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 4-Jan-2003
Posts: 726
From: South Wales, UK

The governments of the world should start taking some responsibility for other REAL problems, and I believe that SPAM is one of them.

SPAM should be completely outlawed, especially that of a pornographic nature. Anyone caught advertising porn in this manner should face severe consequences.
When I was living at home we had AOL, and that was a nightmare because the screen name you sign in on is also your Email address. It didn't take long before tumps and tumps of porn related emails were reaching our inbox every single day!!! My sister was still only 14, so my parents decided to put her account on the "under adults" type, whereby any adult material would not be allowed to reach her. Seems fair enough, but in practise it stopped her from going to loads of legitamate websites, and the porn spammers found a way around the problem anyway and were able to continute spamming her with porn regardless!!

I mean, do governments not see what this means? Porn web companies not only advertise porn to the masses who are quite within their rights to be highly offended.... but they also puposely break down any securities in place so that they can send porn to children, as well.

PERSONALLY, I don't have anything AGAINST porn material.... whether we like it or not it has it's place in this world, but if I choose to view it I'll do it in my OWN time at my OWN discretion!! I certainly dont want it shoved in my face all the time.

I personally believe this kind of spamming to be a clear breach of human rights, and if it's not it SHOULD be. Governments do nothing, so they are just as guilty.

Hehe sorry but that kind of spamming really winds me up.


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Re: Spam peddlers hijack computers
Posted on 3-Jul-2003 10:31:32
#2 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 8-Jan-2003
Posts: 788
From: Stockholm, Sweden.

Spam is really a pain in the butt. If "requested" advertising as part of a magazine or a website, its ok if its not too intrusive (hello cnet) but when the crap shows up from nowhere in the mailbox, aargh.

But i must say i have been spared from most stuff, the only real annoyance was that problem a while back...


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Re: Spam peddlers hijack computers
Posted on 3-Jul-2003 18:11:41
#3 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 7-Mar-2003
Posts: 145
From: @

Spammers should be shot.

_________________ @

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Re: Spam peddlers hijack computers
Posted on 3-Jul-2003 20:52:05
#4 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 23-Jun-2003
Posts: 481
From: Unknown

Something doesn't quite fit, here. If the spammer successfully hides the origin of the SPAM by altering the headers, etc., how does he expect his employer to pay him for the number of mails sent to customers? How would the spammer prove that he sent the mails that he was paid to send?

Also, if he is spamming to promote his own business, doesn't that point straight back to him?

As one-time presidential candidate Ross Perot admonished the people: "Follow the money!" Ask yourself: "If I buy this product, where will my money go?" That'll tell you who's behind the SPAM, regardless of how it got to your in-box.

This has the decided taste of a deliberately created "problem" designed to encourage people to give up a little more of their essential liberty in order to restore a little convenience to their lives. Next thing you know, Big Brother will want legislation that entitles the government to check your hard drive for "anything suspicious," for the purposes of "protecting the children."


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Re: Spam peddlers hijack computers
Posted on 4-Jul-2003 13:41:44
#5 ]
Super Member
Joined: 9-Mar-2003
Posts: 1411
From: Norway

I consider spamming to be an act of violence. So if I get my hands one of the smegheads who is responsible for sending me this cr**, I will merely be acting in self-defence when I break their arms.

I'm quite serious.


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