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software OS4   software OS4 : New DVD with more than 70 games!
   posted by elwood on 10-Nov-2013 17:24:20 (2953 reads)
ACube Systems and Hugues "HunoPPC" Nouvel teamed up to bring content for your Amiga. We created a DVD for you with a big collection of games and emulators for AmigaOS.
The DVD contains more than 70 games and emulators for AmigaOS! Many of them were not released before. Others were included for those of you who have a poor or no Internet connection.
Some games also have a Wazp3D configuration so that even without a 3D capable graphic card you can still appreciate the game running as fast as possible through software rendering.

Due to license restrictions many data files could not be included directly on the DVD but we provided an installer that will download them from the web and install them on your game directory. So your game is only one double-clic and a download away! :)

Also HunoPPC wanted to give a special gift to all Amigans: the GLeXcess demo with sound. It's unique on AmigaOS.

Get the DVD on our online shop now!
It's only 14.65 Euros for European customers and 12 Euros for people outside European Community. It's a very low price. Do not miss this opportunity!

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Re: New DVD with more than 70 games!
Posted on 14-Nov-2013 21:19:58
#21 ]
Super Member
Joined: 22-Feb-2007
Posts: 1224
From: Unknown

No one at Nintendo remembers the Giana Sisters and the Amiga anyway!

I bet they do...

As for "Zelda" games, you could always claim it's "someone else with the same name", it's only 5 characters anyway.

If we compare to Giana Sisters:
1)These unofficial games aren't commercial.
2)Likely they're far behind quality-wise.
3)The world (including court system) is more friendly with concepts like "fair use", especially for non-commercial uses.
4)As for releasing a collection with binaries, you could always claim it's "more generic engine" (like this kind of games often are) - most development just happens to be for versions with ripped content.
5)Big companies realize that suing anyone for something like this would mostly end up in bad reputation.

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Re: New DVD with more than 70 games!
Posted on 20-Nov-2013 2:12:05
#22 ]
Super Member
Joined: 16-Dec-2003
Posts: 1035
From: Unknown

way not make it posible to pay an fie and then download the iso file ???..insted of using money on trafic/post.. i hope the cd will be sold as a download version at trevors "amiga store" when its gets ready. i saw an link at the amiwest show, but the webpage just says its not ready yet

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