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software Classic   software Classic : AmiKit X with DARK MODE released!
   posted by AmiKit on 6-Jul-2018 7:47:05 (899 reads)

It's summertime for us here in the northern hemisphere and that means it's time to grab a laptop with AmiKit, and head out for a picnic! We packed a number of great treats into your basket, so settle back and tuck in.

The update is free of charge for all AmiKit X users and includes over 35 new features, updates, and fixes. Simply run AmiKit and it will be installed automatically.


🖤 We have added a stylish feature called Dark Mode! It makes AmiKit look very cool and... dark! :) That's something you (and your eyes) definitely need during hot summer nights! To enable it, simply tell MorpheuZ and he will do the magic for you (right-click > AmiKit > MorpheuZ > Dark Mode).

🚗 Okay, any gamer here? We've included a playable demo of amazing Payback game for you. It's a GTA clone for Amiga made in UK. Therefore remember to drive on the left in this game! ;) (Btw. to set your preferred controls, press F12 and configure Port 2 in WinUAE/Game Ports)

🎞️ Do you like Amiga demos? We do a LOT and we have something special for you in this release! A final version of Starstruck demo released 12 years after it won Assembly 2006! Good things need time to maturate.

🎶 For those of you who listen to music often (and we do!), there's an unique app called RNOInfoScreen. It detects SongPlayer, AmiNetRadio or AmigaAmp playing in background and shows info about current song including the album art! Very useful.

🎼 While talking about music, now you can convert any MOD to WAV (or other sound formats) with a right-mouse click! Newly included Play16 can then play it for you - again via right mouse click.

🔊 We've also included a number of music modules from famous Amiga games like First Samurai, Lotus, Gods, Project X and others. Find them in AmiKit:Utilities/Eagleplayer/Modules folder. Simply doubleclick a mod and enjoy your musical flashbacks. If you want to convert them to WAV, make sure to unpack the mods first (with right-click) as all of them are packed with XPK/SQSH, the best algorhythm for music modules.

🎬 Also, the fastest MPEG-1 Amiga video player, called RiVA, is now part of AmiKit and just a single right-mouse click away. Try it!

💥 Oh, and we've left something for you ;) If you want to update your AmiKit with the latest WinUAE v4 (the emulation engine), follow these simple steps on page 10:

👨‍💻 Last, but not least, special thanks go to our international team of testers from USA, Canada, Germany, France and Australia, specifically to Jazzy_J, Keith Matthews, Merrill Newell, Salome, Silvio Albrecht and Michael 'Cap' Brenegan.


AmiKit is a powerful AmigaOS3.x emulation kit for Windows, Mac and Linux. It includes 400 of pre-installed 68k Amiga apps. We've done all the hard work for you. Everything is configured and well designed. Actually, it shows just how far ahead of its time the Amiga software design really was!

Quick Guide:

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Re: AmiKit X with DARK MODE released!
Posted on 23-Jul-2018 8:18:10
#1 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 4-Mar-2008
Posts: 3796
From: Toronto, Canada

love it! thanks so much for all your hard work an AmiKit over the years Jan its truly amazing to have such an easy to configure and reliable portable Amiga in 2018

c64-2sids, A1000, A1200T-060@50(finally working!),A4000-CSMKIII
! My Master Miggies- Amiga 1000 & AmigaOne X1000 !

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