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News   Commodore Free issue 95 on-line
  News posted by RobertB on 27-Nov-2016 1:11:40 (197 reads)
Available to download is the new version of Commodore Free, issue 95.

Commodore Free Magazine
Issue 95
Free-to-download magazine dedicated to Commodore computers.
Available as PDF, ePUB, MOBI, HTML, TXT, SEQ and D64 disk image.
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software OS4   BOH update17 released
  software OS4 posted by saimo on 21-Nov-2016 12:04:44 (312 reads)
BOH update17 released
Ferrazzano, Italy - November 21, 2016


After more than two months of hard work, BOH gets yet another free update!
More specifically, this update:
* adds 17 new missions (5 very easy, 8 easy, 4 average);
* improves 43 missions by means of new/revised hints, little changes to the layouts, and other changes;
* marks training missions with a dedicated icon;
* adds the remote control icon to the HUD;
* adds graphics interpolation to enemy sprites;
* improves some graphics and shooting sound effects;
* adds specific sound effects to the theme "C64";
* renames some missions and most themes;
* reworks the manuals entirely;
* reworks the soundtrack artwork entirely;
* allows to run the game on Windows 10 as a normal user (due to changes in the Windows files handling policy, it had become necessary to run the game as administrator);
* fixes the resetting of the timer due to the focus loss auto-pause when the game was already paused;
* applies various other changes/optimizations.

Moreover, BOH has a home on

IndieGameStand and AmiStore customers can download the updated version from the respective store (please note that it might take a while before the new version appears). All the other customers can download it from after getting their key from<code> (where <code> is the personal copy code).

The update is performed by installing the new version over the old one using the supplied installer.

  5 comments | Read more News   AMIcast - Episode 18 - Amibian - Amiga goes Raspberry Pi News posted by radzik on 22-Nov-2016 20:39:56 (223 reads)
Hello and welcome! Now is time for next great episode od AMIcast. Numer 18 with guys behind Amibian project. This means: Raspberry Pi goes Amiga. :)

My guests are Gunnar Kristjánsson and Thomas Navarro Garcia. We are talking about Amiga on Raspberry Pi. My guest explained why Raspberry Pi could be a future of Amiga instead of very expensive AmigaOS. Topics are also how to find new blood for Amiga if really Raspberry Pi can be only one computer at home, why is PowerPC not so good option for Amiga, can you can you develop only on Raspberry Pi, is it possible to use Linux software on Amibian? Raspberry Pi can handle AmigaOS 3.9 with hires graphics.
Beside of this guys have a very good sense of humor.

Software News   NetSurf 3.6 web browser released!
  Software News posted by Chris_Y on 20-Nov-2016 14:45:24 (1689 reads)
NetSurf is a small fast web browser for AmigaOS and other platforms.

NetSurf 3.6 is primarily a bugfix release. It contains several fixes and clean-ups to front end code, as well as supercookie blocking, and certificate chain handling improvements. We recommend all users upgrade to NetSurf 3.6.

  26 comments | Read more (1 , 2)  

Software News   Hollywood libraries for free
  Software News posted by Allanon on 20-Nov-2016 8:57:21 (560 reads)
Hello all,
I've decided to release all my Hollywood libraries for free, I've built a documentation wiki where I will publish all the docs and links to download the library sources.

My libraries are not Hollywood plugins but includes so they are suitable for all possible target platforms.

Why I'm doing this?
There are many reason for this and here are the most important ones:
- During these years I've developed many libraries but without documentation. It is a pity that all this stuff is used only by me! Making my works public is an excuse for me to find a valid reason to write proper documentation.
- I wish to see Hollywood's user base become bigger and bigger because this language (and its developer) deserves it. Sharing my works I hope to help to reach this goal.
- What I will publish will be free but if you like what I'm doing you can make a donation or you can support me on Patreon, my goal is at least to gather some money to buy the next Hollywood updates.

  7 comments | Read more  

Software News   Catacomb 3D has landed.. shipping startet already
  Software News posted by phoenixkonsole on 16-Nov-2016 22:05:21 (293 reads)
I am sorry for the delay.. we had two reasons them:

First one was a technical issue in the printing facility which resulted in CD-ROMS with audio-track but no Data track. This has been solved.
Normally they should have arrived last week but then my partner who has also done the Projekt Lila Remastered, has died unexpected.
Thank you for your patience. Shipping has started already.

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Announcement   REV'n'GE! #67
  Announcement posted by Seiya on 16-Nov-2016 17:46:49 (125 reads)
REV'n'GE! is a fanzine that review games on vintage platforms
This new issue is dedicated to the more known 8-Bit Computers: Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC.
There are many games to read, but between these ones you can read:

Knights of Legend, a very good RPG game for Commodore 64
Xixit, č columns clone for a ZX Spectrum Russian clone

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News   Next FCUG meeting - Sunday, Nov. 20
  News posted by RobertB on 16-Nov-2016 2:44:55 (115 reads)
Happy Thanksgiving, C= and Ami aficionados!

The Fresno Commodore User Group has its next meeting from 11 a.m. to 2+ p.m., Sunday, Nov. 20 at --

Bobby Salazar's Mexican Restaurant
2839 North Blackstone Ave. (corner of Blackstone and Michigan)
Fresno, California
(559) 227-1686

For discussion, I will have an update on the progress of next June's Pacific Commodore Expo NW.

In hardware we'll examine a Ray Carlsen newly-repaired Blue Chip 128 disk drive. In software we'll look at various new or rediscovered VIC-20 games -- It Game from the Grave, Final Quest, VICrossroads, Hat Trick, and Track&Field. (Roger, bring your various RAM expanders!) For the Plus/4, it's Bombrunner. For the C64, we'll play around with the various games picked up from last Saturday's SC3 Arcade Party. For the classic Amiga, we'll try out various games and applications picked up from the October Amiwest Show. Plus we'll try to get to the items that we did not cover in the September meeting. :)

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group
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software OS4   Tower 57 First Amiga screenshots
  software OS4 posted by -Sam- on 11-Nov-2016 20:15:21 (249 reads)
First Amiga Tower57 shots. Very early shots but wonderful to see. :))
  1 comment  

Miscellaneous News   AMIcast - Special Episode 4 - AmiWest 2016 and new books
  Miscellaneous News posted by radzik on 9-Nov-2016 9:07:20 (120 reads)
Hello and welcome! This is a Special Episode #4 of AMIcast. My guest is very famous amiga guy in Poland - Adam Zalepa. We are talking about his upcoming books and software for our platform.
The main topic is AmiWest 2016. At the show, AmigaOne X5000 was announced as ready to buy. But, why we can't buy X5000? More news: the prices for Tabor and ALICE revealed.
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