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Recent News Submit News News   REV'n'GE! #37 Summer News posted by Seiya on 26-Jul-2015 13:38:49 (170 reads)
REV'n'GE! is a fanzine that review/compare games on vintage platform
In this issue:

Riders or Rohan
Shadows of Mordor
Wonder Boy in Monsterland
Mollusk Redux
Bubble Bobble 4CPC
Battle City
Epic Encyclopedia - 1996 Edition
Print Shop Deluxe for Windows
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Announcement   AMIcast Special Episode 2 - FriendOS and Amsterdam
  Announcement posted by radzik on 24-Jul-2015 17:42:22 (390 reads)
At this special episode, you will learn what is FriendUP/OS. My guest Hogne Titlestad explains what is it. Also he says something about great Amiga event in Amsterdam.
My guest is one of architects of FriendOS. That's why he can cleary introduce to us this innovative operating system and it's not only OS... :) We also talk about Amsterdam event, Amiga future, webkit and demo scene and more... Innovations are here!
  1 comment  

software Classic   InstallerGen Updated to Version 1.3
  software Classic posted by Daedalus on 23-Jul-2015 22:13:34 (283 reads)
I've just released an update for InstallerGen, my tool for creating Installer scripts using a GUI.

A couple of bugs in the previous version have been fixed in this release, along with the addition of drag & drop support and bubble help. There are some other low priority updates in the works but I've released it now in order to solve the problems a couple of people were having with it.

InstallerGen 1.3 can be downloaded from my website, and shortly from Aminet too.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback and the donations!
  2 comments | Read more News   Happy Birthday Amiga: 30 Years Today News posted by amigakit on 23-Jul-2015 14:10:22 (1418 reads)

Happy Birthday Amiga: 30 Years Today

Congratulations from A-EON Technology and to the Amiga and it's ever active community on 30 years of innovative hardware and software.

A-EON is proud to be involved and associated with the members of this community which make it unique over many years.

Here's to the next milestone in the story about this much loved computer platform.

  41 comments (1 , 2 , 3) News   Only the Amiga Makes it Possible News posted by tekmage on 22-Jul-2015 6:59:39 (248 reads)
This will be my final update for the Amiga 30th event at the Computer History Museum.

There is so much content, so much, it's overwhelming. The things we have planned are insane and might not even be possible in the future. If you can get to the museum this weekend but where not planning too, I highly recommend you make the trip. We have so many surprises, so many unique things, so many of the original engineers. I'm past selling the show, so you'll just have to come and check it out.

I mentioned we are going to stream the show. We are going to try. We hit a snag with the internet at the museum which give us great doubt about the quality of the connection. We ever I will try to make it happen but I'm warning people now. When we started the kickstarter we needed $12,000 to guarantee streaming. If we got a few thousand in donation ticket sales on the eventbright page in the next 24 to 48 hours we might be able to get what we need to pull it off. Otherwise I can't make any promises at this point.

The website will be updated with the official schedule tomorrow or Thursday. If you are coming to the event doors will open to registration at 9:45 AM Saturday. Show starts at 10 AM.

Bill "tekmage" Borsari
  1 comment  

hardware Classic   Introducing ACA 1221 Low Cost Accelerator At
  hardware Classic posted by amigakit on 21-Jul-2015 9:49:44 (1002 reads)
We are pleased to confirm that we will stocking the new ACA 1221 accelerator and ram card from Individual Computers in early September.

This exciting new accelerator design features a full 68020 CPU, 9Mb of 32-bit Fast Memory (expandable to a maximum of 63MB) for a great price.

To find out more, please visit the product pages here to place your order:

UK direct product link
Europe direct product link
USA direct product link
Canada direct product link

Software News   AmiModRadio - All of Aminet modules at your fingertips
  Software News posted by tygre on 20-Jul-2015 4:42:27 (662 reads)
Did you know that, as of today (2015/06/02), there are more than 20,000 packages in the mods directory on Aminet? Yes! That's more than 20,000 modules to play and enjoy! So, why not have a program that could automatically download one module at-a-time, extract it, and play it? This is the purpose of AmiModRadio...
  9 comments | Read more  

News   XAMOS author Stephen Harvey-Brooks (Mequa) has passed away
  News posted by MickJT on 19-Jul-2015 14:12:12 (763 reads)
I'm sad to inform everyone that Stephen Harvey-Brooks, aka Mequa, passed away on July 3rd due to complications during an operation to change a pacemaker. He was a member of most Amiga related websites and known in this community for the cross-platform AMOS BASIC interpreter, XAMOS.
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Internet News   New Commodore PET
  Internet News posted by -Sam- on 16-Jul-2015 16:32:56 (344 reads)
If for some reason you fancy an Android smart phone with Commodore branding (specifically PET branding) then here you go :
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Hardware News   A2000/A3000 Sum USB Adapter Prototype
  Hardware News posted by Spidi on 16-Jul-2015 10:30:57 (668 reads)
We are really proud to present the prototype of the new A2000/A3000 Sum USB adapter.
This new device is also compatible with A500s equipped with appropriate converter.
This movie: shows exactly that our new Sum adapter connected to the Amiga A500 computer.

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