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Announcement   REV'n'GE! #28
  Announcement posted by Seiya on 3-Mar-2015 9:57:48 (127 reads)
Here the new issue 28



software OS4   DirectoryOpus 4.18.41
  software OS4 posted by elwood on 1-Mar-2015 17:32:09 (642 reads)
DirectoryOpus 4.18.41 (22-feb-2015) OS4

Thanks to Xinic, here is a minor update of DirectoryOpus4 for OS4 which focuses on bug fixing.

Changes in this release include:

*Added missing arguments check in DopusRT to prevent a crash if DopusRT is started with no arguments.
*Fixed access of freed memory when closing an asynchronous Read window. Fixed several potential memory leaks.
*Added signal notification to asynchronous Read windows when quitting Dopus4 or returning with changes from ConfigOpus. Previously the asynchronous Read windows could be forcibly closed at users request and leave Read processes running with no window.
*Fixed launching of asynchrouous Read processes and added checks for Ctrl-C to shut down those processes.
*Fixed reopening of Dopus4 on front screen when returning from ConfigOpus changes if Dopus4 was initially started with "BEHINDWB" TOOLTYPE or "-B" CLI argument.
*Eliminated a crash in the Dopus4 ANSIRead command.
*Changed the "close foreign windows" requester to open on the Dopus4 screen when quitting Dopus4 from it's own screen.
*Fixed copying of directories form archives opened in a lister.
*Fixed some failures to unlock public screens after failed memory allocations or file access.
*Updated "alien windows" requester text to match previously updated requester actions.
*Added Czech catalogs and French catalog. Updated all catalogs. Program catalog definition file and translation files updated.
*Changed "Hidden" bit in Protect requester to "Hold" bit for OS4. Eliminated hidden bit setting in ConfigOpus which activated hiding of files with the H bit set. The H bit is actually a hold bit in OS4 and indicates to AmigaDOS that the file should be added to the resident list if the P (pure) bit is also set.
*Added popupmenu & xadmaster header files to sources so others can compile Dopus4 without hunting for missing includes.
*Updated history files.

Please report serious bugs or problems at the Opus4 YahooGroups email list. Include the version number in any reports.

Download Diropus 4.18.41

News   New articles on Obligement
  News posted by Daff on 1-Mar-2015 17:03:40 (173 reads)
The following articles have been added to the website of the french Amiga/MorphOS magazine Obligement ( during the last two months:

- January/February 2014 news.
- Old articles from Amiga News 66 to 68 : Review of Quarterback 6.0, Review of Caligari 24, File: fonts on Amiga, Review of Adibou, Hardware: MSP 9000, Reviews of Aladdin 4D 3.0, Report: Mayotte, meteo and Amiga, Hardware: Emplant 3.7, etc.
- Interview with Thomas Zighem (developper of Genesia).
- Review of Workbench CANDI (update).
- Review of TwittAmiga 4.
- Review of Icaros Desktop 2.0.
- File: Amiga Games List (update).
- Hardware: CDTV SCSI Controller.
- Report: Loren Eyrich travel with an Amiga.
- Report: DevCon Commodore 1992.
- Tutorial: cracking of Turrican 3.
- Tutorial: installation of AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition on AmigaOne X1000.
- Special quizz about the year 2014.

Rendez-vous on for this nice reading.
All translations are welcome. Please contact David "Daff" Brunet for more info.
  1 comment  

News   Amiga Future monthly News February 2015
  News posted by AndreasM on 1-Mar-2015 9:15:02 (142 reads)
Amiga Future Mag Index Update

The Amiga Future Mag Index updated today.

Click READ MORE for more details ===>
  Read more News   AMINUX - Aros Vision running from stick News posted by OlafS25 on 28-Feb-2015 13:46:39 (485 reads)

Click READ MORE for details ===>
  6 comments | Read more  

hardware Classic   New external floppy drive for Amiga now available for preorder!
  hardware Classic posted by strim on 28-Feb-2015 0:21:14 (853 reads)
New external floppy drive for Amiga now available for preorder at RetroAmi shop! The drives are manufactured by Sakura company, which previously has successfully completed the project of PCMCIA SRAM expansions.

The drives are compatible with all classic Amiga models equipped with external disk drive connector. The only version available in preorder will be shipped with PC drive mechanism, but behave exactly as original Amiga-style 880kB DD disk drives (thanks to flexibility of the interface board).

This picture shows a prototype. Final version will be painted black and have minor case corrections.

The price in preorder is 195 PLN (around $53). Note that after preorder ends, the price will increase. The drives are covered by 24-months warranty and will be shipped to users late April.

software OS4   New software releases by OnyxSoft
  software OS4 posted by Deniil715 on 27-Feb-2015 21:24:13 (342 reads)
OnyxSoft releases a much needed update to MPlayer-GUI.

MPlayer-GUI v1.54 - (OS4) GUI for MPlayer for OS4.

- Revert a change made to how CLI output was handled.

- Properly set NP_ProgramDir after NP_HomeDir was made obsolete. This cause MPlayer to not find its font or config.

- Fixed a bug that saved the prefs everytime Stop was clicked.

- Added "crashed on me" when pressing stop again after 4 secs.

- Fixed the help-popups and made them more similar in style with the argument first.

- Renamed a few tabs and moved a few settings to better locations.

If you see a bug or have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail!
  5 comments News   The Secret of Middle City. Official demo available News posted by g0blin on 24-Feb-2015 14:47:30 (1582 reads)
Good afternoon, my fellow Amigans,

I'm proud to announce that "The Secret of Middle City" official demo in now available for direct download from our website.

You will find all relevant information inside the download section of GDG Entertainment.

At present the demo runs on AmigaOS v4.1.x, MorphOS and MacOS X.

Windows version (tested on systems ranging from XP to 8.1) is foreseen in the next few days.

In addition, thanks to the brand new Hollywood 6 Epiphany and its stand-alone Linux environment, a Linux compliant version of TSMC could come sooner than I expected.

Enjoy the demo.

Download links are also available on Stefano Buonocore website, the game creator and designer.

Best regards

Gianluca Girelli
  43 comments (1 , 2 , 3)  

Software News   AEROS beta8 for Raspberry Pi 2
  Software News posted by phoenixkonsole on 23-Feb-2015 11:47:05 (693 reads)

Just to announce it officially:
Registered users can find it on .

It is just the last beta8 updated with latest Firmware.

I've got positive Feedback from testers (must admit I didn't try it my self yet on the Pi2)
  3 comments | Read more  

Software News   Hollywood 6.0: Epiphany out now
  Software News posted by softwarefailure on 22-Feb-2015 11:48:54 (2433 reads)
Three years after the release of Hollywood 5 Airsoft Softwair is proud to announce the immediate availability of Hollywood 6: Epiphany. Hollywood 6 is a massive update with a myriad of new functions. The most important new feature is the complete abstraction of the core components display, audio and DOS. These can now be completely replaced by plugins which opens up totally new possibilities. For example, it is possible to replace Hollywood's inbuilt display driver with a custom implementation now. A plugin, which uses this new interface to make OpenGL available to Hollywood, will be released shortly.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of new features in Hollywood 6:

- Complete abstraction of the display, audio and DOS core components
- Support for multiple monitors
- Support for OS-native menu bars
- ARM-Linux is now supported (e.g. for the Raspberry Pi!)
- Stand-alone versions of Hollywood for Linux and Mac OS X are now included
- Videos can be used as normal Hollywood layers now including all effects and filters
- Hardware-accelerated video playback on AmigaOS 4 with the new RadeonHD driver
- Full AmiDock support including animated dockies and context menus
- AHI driver completely rewritten: it no longer blocks the audio of other applications now
- Hollywood's IO implementation is ready for streaming now
- Script execution on AmigaOS is significantly faster now
- Support for multiple Xservers on Linux
- Massive extension of the plugin interface: its size has doubled!
- Support for HTTP upload and authentification
- Inbuilt vectorgraphics renderer for perfectly smooth antialiased shapes
- 300kb of new documentation
- New example scripts
- Standard library set encompasses almost 700 functions now!
- Lots of other changes, optimizations and bug fixes

Hollywood 6: Epiphany is the ultimate Multimedia experience and a must-have for all creative people. Hollywood is available on a CD-ROM and as a download version. Both versions include Hollywood builds for all supported platforms. If you order the download version, you will have to download an ISO image which you need to burn on CD-R then. If you already own Hollywood, you can buy a discounted upgrade version.

Hollywood is the ultimate bridge between all the different AmigaOS compatible platforms and the other three modern desktop systems, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux! Additionally, Hollywood also supports the Android platform. A truly unique feature is the ability to cross-compile native executables for many different platforms including: AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, WarpOS, MorphOS, AROS (x86), Windows, Mac OS X (x86 & PPC), and Linux (x86 & PPC & ARM). You don't even have to own these platforms in order to compile executables for them. It's enough to run Hollywood on one of the supported platforms and then compile programs for all the others! Only Hollywood makes it possible. If you want to learn more about Hollywood, please visit the the official Hollywood portal which also has a forum for all questions concerning Hollywood.

All this makes Hollywood The Cross-Platform Multimedia Application Layer. Join the Multimedia revolution and get your personal copy of Hollywood 6: Epiphany now because life begins at 6.0!
  48 comments (1 , 2 , 3)  

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