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Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 2-Mar-2012 17:13:55
#1 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 4-Jan-2005
Posts: 557
From: Chiba prefecture Japan

I know I need to re-write these to be more informative...

Can any suggestions be made from what I have blogged on as well as the threads on AW+Amigans forums

Along with any questions about the projects themselves?

I'd like to clear up whats needed to complete each in a
timely manner and also what exactly they provide.

EDIT: Direct Bounty Links as requested...
Japanese Keymap
Perception IME
Polymorph VM

I'm also blogging about these on with the same Belxjander username as I use here.
If anyone is interested in any detaiils... these entries are somewhat rambling at this time.

I'm not bothering to edit my thoughts during writing the entries, I'll be blogging changes and results as I get them.

EDIT:Updated status,
Transfer of AOS4 ownership is complete (still waiting for the sam440flex however) and this can be confirmed by anyone who has access to the hyperion forums

Extra information -
Perception IME on Google Code
Polymorph VM on Google Code

Last edited by Belxjander on 15-May-2012 at 01:11 AM.
Last edited by Belxjander on 11-Apr-2012 at 03:27 AM.

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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 2-Mar-2012 17:43:12
#2 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 30-Sep-2005
Posts: 4489
From: Quattro Stelle


Could you please recap what they are and what they do for people who have missed/haven't read the blog/threads?


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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 2-Mar-2012 18:01:15
#3 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 4-Jan-2005
Posts: 557
From: Chiba prefecture Japan

Perception IME - "Input Method Editor" framework allowing for Languages that are
not able to be entered into the computer by Keymap alone.

Chinese / Japanese / Korean and Arabic are 4 known examples.

you can enter the phrase "ohayougozaimasu" in using a qwerty style Keyboard,
and have it post-entry translated into 「おはようございます」
Using Japanese Hiragana as one example. (Japanese Language Hiragana Mode)
without losing the option to enter English or other European Languages.
Polymorph VM - "Virtual Machine" subsystem,

a support library for Emulators / JIT and Dynamic Recompiler systems along with
generic Virtual Machine functionality.

WHDLoad / ShapeShifter / Wine / PC-Task and Basilisk II are examples of this,
VirtualBox / VMware and QEMU are additional Examples as well.

The point of Polymorph is to actually provide a basic mechanism where
programs from any given "target" are made available on top of AOS4.x as
normal Applications.

From the AOS4.x it sees no difference between the "polymorphed" program and others,
from the "polymorphed" program it doesn't see "AOS4.x"... it sees the "target" system

Examples would be ...
running a Graphical "Java" application or "Windows" Application,
another example is encapsulating older "Classic" Amiga software and providing them
a more "complete" OS environment or a limited "Hardware only" Classic Amiga style
environment from which to run.


Applications may be specifically written to make use of Polymorph in a hidden way,
and this would also provide the option of the "launcher" to make use of network options
where the "hidden" thread(s) may be running inside the "*virtual" container...
and the container can be pushed or pulled between machines.

the container wrapper (launch tool) may provide a basic presence locally and also
have the options to Disconnect and reconnect to the container later...

Allowing for "cluster" computing... similar to how distccd works in some parts.

There is also another experimental option with regards defining your own
container within polymorph... and that is "partial static" CPU definitions.

You can create your own CPU within some basic boundaries...
(number of registers, total memory, filesystem access)
and if the CPU definition is considered "volatile" then you can actively change
the functions provided by the "dynamic" section of the opcode table.

This would be most useful when dealing with encryption setups.
not only does the data get moved around but also the algorythm can be changed as well.

Think of this as a self-modifying Enigma machine needing extra keys,
not just the key for the message but also the modifications key as well.

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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 2-Mar-2012 19:14:11
#4 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 30-Sep-2005
Posts: 4489
From: Quattro Stelle



I like polimorph already!

Last edited by TheDaddy on 02-Mar-2012 at 07:14 PM.


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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 2-Mar-2012 22:15:17
#5 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 10-Jan-2004
Posts: 771
From: United Kingdom


Wasnt a polymorph on the TV series RedDwarf :)

Cross-developer on Windows, OS3, OS4, Linux; Current Projects:-
Nephele Cloud App OS4
UserProfile System OS4
AmigaOneXE OS4.1.6

TaoSoftwareBlog Youtube

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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 2-Mar-2012 23:34:46
#6 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 6-Sep-2004
Posts: 578
From: Rossendale

I wish I could remeber the link to teh research paper that showed punctuated LFSR streams can be made to be near to OTP encryption secure as essentially be classically impossible to crack.

Punctuated LSFR is where you use a psuedo random number generator, which is simple, but bvecause rpedictive is clased as totally useless in true security, but you use it to select which bits of a different pseudo random sequence will be used to create teh data stream you are actually using fo the encryption.

Could be intresting 8).

Can Perception realign the symbolic glyphs in the normal direction of scan?.. Can it be extended to heiroglyph, Oggam, spiral runes and other historical representations also?

I know I come up with some insane ideas, I never expect anyone to actually make them. 8}

The older and more respected a scientist is, the longer it takes to prove him wrong.

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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 3-Mar-2012 0:03:32
#7 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 4-Jan-2005
Posts: 557
From: Chiba prefecture Japan


Take the basic fetch-decode-execute loop from a Processor,
add that you can change what the decode stage does for certain number IDs fetched,
these opcode meanings are subject to change.

the "spiral" and other "glyph" based references you make mention of don't have
any meaning for the way Polymorph functions...

You start at the beginning of the datastream and step forwards/backwards through it
and any "number sequence" blocks in the datastream that you can identify
can be replaced by your own number sequences including a pseudo random option
for every so many sequences to actually have some of the "opcode" portions of those
sequences change meaning with another "opcode" sequence...

An example of this would be running a modified Z80 or 6502 processor where the meaning
of the "move" or "load memory to register" operations can include another algbraic

instead of "reg = mem[address]" being applied "reg = mem[address]+mem[address]"
can be applied... with the programmers choice of which instructions never change
(personally I would allow for any "data" operations to be subject to change)

another example would be for addition and subtraction operations to reverse,
when a specific opcode is processed in the sequence.

this means the same "sequence" is subject to multiple interpretations,
and I also have a partial encoder/decoder routine using this technique sorted out.
the "encoder" takes quite a bit of time where the decoder is exceptionally quick.

any "glyph" that you see on screen is assigned a value inside a computer anyway,
since the glyph itself is based on which glyph from a set is selected,
so subject to change as to which order the glyphs are selectable.

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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 3-Mar-2012 0:12:17
#8 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 4-Jan-2005
Posts: 557
From: Chiba prefecture Japan


there is "metamorph" and "polymorph" in English, so very few names really...

a "polymorph" changes what materials it is,
a "metamorph" changes its systemic operations.

so they both have strengths and weaknesses...

the "polymorph.library" is more changing appearance and structure to make things work
where a "metamorphic" approach would be in changing the target programs into
some intermediate format in advance (I have no middle stages)

the current approach is a "direct in-memory" change approach.

the input file may have x86 opcodes... these will be executed as escape codes,
and the in-memory image will be subject to change based on whether "JIT" will
make the program work faster without breaking functionality
or "optimization" based on trimming down JIT operations to only those needed operations

Not making a systemic change to the application itself.

a Windows program would still want to see some kind of "Windows" to use

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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 3-Mar-2012 9:06:37
#9 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 30-Sep-2005
Posts: 4489
From: Quattro Stelle


So some kind of wine?


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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 3-Mar-2012 9:17:11
#10 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 25-Dec-2007
Posts: 723
From: Uppsala, Sweden


I donated 28 euro. I hope some more ppl will donate so we can get you back to coding for os4!!

AmigaOS on Google+
AmigaOS on Facebook

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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 3-Mar-2012 9:35:29
#11 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 4-Jan-2005
Posts: 557
From: Chiba prefecture Japan


something like Wine is certainly more than possible...
also another WHDLoad type setup as well working more similar to how VirtualBox/VMware
and ShapeShifter/BasiliskII function...

That is one of the "end goals" but I will be working towards it in stages.

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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 3-Mar-2012 9:38:40
#12 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 4-Jan-2005
Posts: 557
From: Chiba prefecture Japan


Well I previously coded for OS3.x and left prior to AOS4.x becoming available...

I still have a copy of AmigaOS3.5 with all the box and materials as well that I bought,
so I will be legally still able to run a Classic VirtualMachine setup legally.

Just working on trying to get the funds together for the next payment on the sam440flex
I am buying (it is half-paid at this time) so I can start with AOS4.x with which I see
a lot more possibilities with the expanded functionality of the PPC processor

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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 3-Mar-2012 12:48:48
#13 ]
Super Member
Joined: 29-Mar-2004
Posts: 1697
From: Australia

Now I know I have the potential for sounding like an asshole here, but I feel I should warn people belxjander has been making all sorts of elaborate claims, talking up projects and so on for the decade Ive known him. In this time however he's not produced as much as a simple hello world compile and in fact spent more time making excuses than code.

Im far from the only one to be aware of this either. Anyone who's spent any time in an irc channel with him will know exactly what he's like.

Every now and then a person tires of the same old bullshit (10 years Ive been hearing these sorts of things remember people without a single results from belxjander), so I couldnt help but to warn people that any money they invest in anything he claims to be working on will be wasted money.

Ask him to even recompile an existing not so difficult app (of your choice) if you want a demonstration of why I felt the urge to warn people (or something equally simple).

I know people will think this is harsh, and I actually have nothing against the guy, but warning people isnt nearly as bad as taking advantage of amigans to try to get them to pay for your hobbies.

Just be careful with your money people.

You've been warned.

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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 3-Mar-2012 13:29:32
#14 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 11-Jan-2004
Posts: 3174
From: Russia


Currently you not prove that you can do anything , and because of this i not sure there will be many persons who will in interest to donate (only those ones who do not know how everything in programming world works). Ppls mostly donate to persons who alredy prove what and how they do, but i currently only see from you a loooot of talks about nothing.

I.e. you talk about the same old things which can be said just in few words , like its something unbelivable and IT industry never see anythinkg like that. While one of your idea its just an emulator (a lot of work, and seeing how hard for you create a makefile, and how much time you spend on it, i am sure there you will have nothing in end) and lagauge swithcher/keymap. That is reasson why almost no one answer to you on your "ideas".

You say many times, that you can't describe everything normally, as its so hard (which is not), but i can say, that if you can't normally explain everything on paper, then, with the code you will have mess and chaos, and nothing more.

Get the HW, do something, show to ppls your progress and beta versions, and then you can ask for money. You know its not the same like other ones who get "easy money" from community - they prove already what they do and what they can do.


Dunno if it harish or not, but i have the same opinion as you.



I hope some more ppl will donate

New developers always nice to see, only when its real developers. Currently we have many more persons who worth of our money, like: alfkil, cygnus_ed, chris_y, andreas, thore, deniil and for sure others whos i do not remember now.

Last edited by kas1e on 03-Mar-2012 at 01:33 PM.

Join us to improve dopus5!
zerohero's mirror of os4/os3 crosscompiler suites

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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 3-Mar-2012 13:45:13
#15 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 21-Jan-2008
Posts: 5629
From: Unknown

seems it starts to be popular in these parts, to talk about ones bad finances, investments, while asking about gifts and based on that collecting huge bounties. fun to read but do not count on me too much. ;)

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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 3-Mar-2012 13:57:53
#16 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 9-Jun-2004
Posts: 10558
From: Norway


Can you list a few projects you worked on?

Last edited by NutsAboutAmiga on 03-Mar-2012 at 01:58 PM.

Please check out my software:
Excalibur, Basilisk 2, AmigaInputAnywhere.

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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 4-Mar-2012 1:31:15
#17 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 4-Jan-2005
Posts: 557
From: Chiba prefecture Japan


Only the projects Ive been discussing for recent work, other than that Ive been mostly doing
smaller pieces of work helping with someone elses project.

If those are valid then I'll list a couple of them here...

Be as dismissive as you like,

"QuickstartPro" (I don't know if the writer of this ever published) which was a small
tool originally in Blitz Basic which was re-written in AmigaE
the point of this was to have options in how the Amiga started...

With *any* key combination able to trigger an alternative boot sequence with the default
scripting to launch workbench after a user-editable timer.

I wrote the "JumpStart" tool for setting which script would be the default for the next boot,
along with assisting the developer in completing the code needed to make it smaller
without losing any functionality.

a couple of smaller patches to OpenSIM (an open-source SecondLife server in C# )
possibly these have been replaced since they were applied,

SourceMage Gnu/Linux Quality Assurance Testing,
including writing a template Firewall script in bash for Linux using iptables,
for system administrators to start with and expand upon if they wished to do so.

a re-write of the Picasso96 Developer Kit for AmigaE Applications to use Picasso96
with the acknowledgement that the way AmigaE(Wouters 3.3 and earlier)
structured Libraries that there would be problems in writing a driver using AmigaE.

The problem between Picasso96 and AmigaE may have been resolved (I don't know yet)

an assembler "FFT" routine for LAME that was submitted and eventually replaced,
just to work up whether it was possible to accelerate the Fourier Transforms afaik.

I have also successfully setup AMIthlon in QEMU repeatedly, (I also shared screenshots)
if anyone still has the screenshots since I didn't bother to keep them.
Do I need to repeat this or walk someone through setting this up properly?
(Does anyone actually *want* AMIthlon setup this way??)

There is also a "jp106" Keymap that is not 100% complete uploaded to the
"Language Drivers" project on which is modified from the us layout.
I need to confirm that this keymap works properly with a real Japanese keyboard.
I have not been able to track down someone able to test with Amiga OS 4.x hardware
and a Japanese keyboard at this time (or until such time as I can test myself).

Its at least a start towards release material you can get "hands on" with,
if you want to check it out from SVN on

Additional work has been helldesk for Windows and Mac along with system building.
with complete money-back policy where I would *gift* the whole machine if it wasn't
completely functional to what was needed in some way.
I still do this "system building" on occasion as well when asked.
all money is handled by the client and I will only ask for a flat fee at the end.

If you wan't to claim I'm asking for assistance to pay for a Hobby... well so be it,
you are quite welcome to your opinion.

@fishy_fis + @kas1e : certainly that is always a risk considering I never got into anything
on wanting to become "known" in any community.
I'm quite happy to enjoy experimenting or discussing ideas, but my real love is code,
since I don't enjoy being personable.

@fishy_fis: I know we have seen each other on IRC for a long time, but I don't claim to
know you outside of that and I am also quite willing to admit ignorance as to what you
may be doing other than what you have discussed on IRC,

Maybe I am just too simple-minded about people? no idea, and not going to worry over it.
I am who I am and I'll just keep trying to push on.

[EDIT]the source code for polymorph.library will be remaining publicly available is the current location.

The only real dream Ive got is to actually write something for myself without being
second-fiddle or code-monkey to someone elses project.

I'll only ask that if anyone does donate that they think about it.

As for "Perception IME" and "Polymorph VM"... I will be openly documenting from
when I get hardware (building the machine) through starting the projects and
openly making all of the source code available.

So if you want to sit back and ignore/watch/comment/... your quite welcome to do so.

the only "promise" I am making is to myself to just keep going,
as for the reaction of people on and,
Thank you to the people who have said "Keep going" and also helped with donations,
for the nay-sayers,

It is quite true that not all my projects have been successful, but are you only going
to focus on what has failed? is that where this community is headed?

I've never really been one to follow who is a "star" and "known" or not...
hell... It wasn't until I started experimenting for myself that I even knew any of the names
for the people who developed the OS itself.

Do we honestly need the ego-stroking and crap that goes with it?

Last edited by Belxjander on 04-Mar-2012 at 01:42 AM.

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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 4-Mar-2012 15:13:13
#18 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 4-Jan-2005
Posts: 557
From: Chiba prefecture Japan


Yes, I know I spent a lot of time on getting the Makefile material working and gave the impression you saw,

Yes I was blinded by details, yet, what examples exist?
I was hoping for pointers on creating a shared library... not just any program.
plenty of program examples exist, along with use of GCC instead of VBCC.

Am I to have my choice of tools dictated to me based on the lack of examples?

I only know about programming for the Classic Amiga's and I am not saying about
how either of these things are new, in fact I am specifically able to reference other
projects as done by other people to show examples of what I want that project to
be eventually capable of.

I also apologize for not being clearer in what I have blogged or written on here so far,
since I have for the most part been a quieter member of these forums.
you can check when I signed up if you like (I would need to look myself if actually asked
about when that was too...)

Thank you for your criticisms... but I can't promise that I will remember them,
only that I will try to learn from this.

I don't really know how else to describe what I have said without constructive feedback
such as your own and fishy_fishes, so please share your thoughts.

I'll just do my best and see what results...

Last edited by Belxjander on 04-Mar-2012 at 11:22 PM.

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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 30-Mar-2012 10:53:37
#19 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 27-Oct-2006
Posts: 175
From: Amigania


This project looks interesting since it will enable Arabic Language input on Amiga.

- what will be the final output here, a framework for others to build on?
-What Amiga OS version will it support?
- any screenshots?

Willing to donate ... show us progress please


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Re: Perception IME + Polymorph VM bounties...
Posted on 30-Mar-2012 11:19:28
#20 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 4-Jan-2005
Posts: 557
From: Chiba prefecture Japan


The final output is an extended framework on top of the existing locale system, specifically tools for adding "modal" input to the keyboard beyond the existing "dead key" mechanism.

currently "dead key" triggers can be typed to affect the following entered character, however
Perception IME is based on having whole words typed through the IME tool and pressing space twice to select from a menu of grapheme choices.
this would allow selection between the 16 forms of entering the Japanese word Kanji as one example, without direct reliance on the English character notation form.(known as romaji form)

I will be implementing Japanese based on the Google IME and have (with some donations) managed to complete half the payments in obtaining a second hand sam440flex system.

I have also put a Japanese Keymap (for jp106 compliant keyboards from Japan) into the "Language Driver" project on OpenAmiga as well as requested removal of the "Japanese Keymap" bounty from AmigaBounty

I currently do not have access to a non-Emulated Amiga system and have notes written using pen and paper.

My initial target is to get this working with full open-source of the Perception IME framework itself on AmigaOS 4.x with possible work to have it functional on 3.x/AROS and MOS by anyone willing to test and compile for those targets.

Arabic may also be possible however I am unfamiliar with how to deal with handling this language and you are welcome to use any material that becomes released for this language as well.

I do not currently have screenshots or any graphical materials to show other than the Japanese Keymap itself.

My current concept is to have a locale.library "language driver" presented for Japanese with the appropriate UTF8 embedded strings and routines that will open the "Perception.Library" and enable the Japanese mode of the Perception IME tool.
I will be processing the Locale preferences and with provision of minimal docky arrangement present the IME itself in a similar fashion to the "Language Tool" docks on other systems.
There won't really be any flashy graphics that I can currently perceive within the existing design.

The whole point of Perception IME is to provide more input options, with other possible mechanisms later on as being possible.

If you still wish to donate then you may want to look at the existing bounty entries on AmigaBounty.

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