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A Guide for WinUAE: 4. 10 freely distributable Amiga software titles  Popular
(Read 16006 times)
AmIRC 3.x
A configurable and simple to use IRC client. You can chat with usage of different text colours, sound effects and text styles. URLs are clickable and will be opened with your preferred browser. AmIRC is shareware, so you may only test this application for 30 days with only 30 minute sessions before the program quits itself. The cost for registration is 20.You can download the latest version from VaporWare. This program is also included with AIAB's "Internet Tools" upgrade package. A free alternative is WookieChat.

Directory Opus 4.x
A completely free, powerful and easy to use file manager which includes excellent drag and drop functionalities. This application allows you to easily manage files and add all kinds of additional functionality. The source code is publicly available and is still being actively developed. A copy is already included with AIAB. For more information, read the Directory Opus 4 research project website, an AmigaOS4 port is also being worked on. DOpus Magellan is a program offering similar functionalities but seamlessly integrates this into the AmigaOS environment and will become available for AmigaOS4 (PPC) and AmigaOS3 (68k).

Fully featured FTP client with drag and drop functionalities. You can download the latest version from VaporWare. mFTP is shareware, you may fully test this software for 30 days. This program is also included with AIAB's "Internet Tools" upgrade package. A freeware alternative is ATC.

Perfect Paint 2.x
A very useful freeware painting program with lots of effects and even animation support. You can download this application and additional scripts from PP's website. Read the requirements section, as you will need to download some additional libraries from Aminet (if you don't have them installed already). Furthermore to get this application to run you need to drop the fonts drawer into your virtual "Workbench:" partition.

A freeware ICQ client. For information on setting up this software, turn to the Nogfx's homepage. This program is also included with the AIAB's "Internet Tools" upgrade package. For an open source alternative there is Jabberwocky, an Amiga jabber client.

Toolmanager 3.x
Allows you to easily start software with the use of hotkeys, customize the tool menu or launch software with the use of pictures on the Workbench or on separately dragable Dock windows with "click picture to start program" and drag and drop functionalities. Toolmanager has been one of the progams I have used on nearly a daily basis since v1.5 in 1991. The screenshot shows a dock configured to use 4 columns, but you can have these picture buttons displayed horizontally or vertically anywhere on your desktop. You can also add multiple docks. This high degree of flexibility and powerful features comes at a price though; newbees will have trouble figuring out how to set up Toolmanager correctly. You can download the program here from Aminet.

Voyager 3.x
Voyager-Click for a larger version A fairly decent and configurable Internet browser with Javascript support and a Macromedia Shockwave and Flash compatible Player. Voyager is shareware and you may freely test it for 30 days. Registration will cost 25. This program is also included with the AIAB's "Internet Tools" upgrade package. There are currently two other decent internet browsers being actively developed for AmigaOS. The source code for AWeb was recently released to the public; for more information on this, see the AWeb Open Source project website. However IBrowse is, in my opinion, the best Amiga browser and luckily a greatly enhanced version will become available for AmigaOS4.

WHDLoad 16.x
A very friendly harddisk install and enhancement/fixing package for old Amiga software. Much old software in the past used disks formatted with a custom file system to prevent this software from being copied. Sadly, that would often mean that the game could not be installed on a harddisk as well. WHDLoad already has over 1700 install scripts for original Amiga games, but this program does not only install them to your harddisk (which results in immense loadup speed imporvements), but often also removes annoying copy protections, bugs and adds high score savings or other cool enhancements. IMO a must have application for every Amiga games freak. A fully functional shareware version is included with the AIAB package. By registering you would need to pay 20 US$ or 20 EUR and after that you will receive a keyfile which will hide a requester page before loading the software. Some games may require you to have a copy of a specific kickstart ROM renamed inside the SYS:Devs/kickstarts/ drawer. For instance rename your A500 ROM to kick34005.a500. You will need to store a RTB file here to called kick34005.a500..RTB, which can be found here as part of Soft-kicker.

Mira-WizARC 1.x
This is a very easy to use program which functions as a GUI frontend for several archiving utilities for extracting or compressing LHA, LZX, ZIP, DMS, TAR, and GZIP files. This program is standardly included and pre-configured with AIAB! Simply click on the archive icon and the content will immediately be opened by WizARC. If you aren't using AIAB, you can download the program from Aminet here.

YAM 2.x
Yet Another Mailer is an open source and freely available mailing program which supports multiple users and search functions. An alternative is SimpleMail.

Table of contents
  1. Setup your Emulation Box

  2. Creating an advanced emulated AmigaOS environment

  3. Acquiring legally free software for AmigaOS

  4. 10 freely distributable Amiga software titles

  5. 10 of the best Amiga PD Scene games

  6. 10 ex-commercial Amiga games

- MikeB
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