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AmigaOS4 network sharing HOW-TO
Posted on 1-May-2008 20:43:17
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Joined: 7-Mar-2003
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From: Valencia,Spain 8-)

Hello, i've made a preliminary text covering ip forwarding and internet access
from your AmigaOS4 machine to several computers on a different network interface,below is the text, both in spanish and english versions.Feel free to post/copy/add on your own website or any other place, just keep the creator name and subsequent modifications from other people with it.

Original version made by Vicente 'Ami603' Gimeno.
Feel free to post this on any website,just keep the names of the original creator and
following corrections/revisions.

English Version:

AmigaOS4 internet sharing how-to:

I made this guide after having to search a lot and dig over several documents
to be able to share the internet connection on my µA1 to a wireless network
of several computers.
It can be used with an Amigaone or any other AmigaOS4 hardware that has more
than 1 network cards of any type.

First of all you need to tell Roadshow tcp-ip stack to forward the incoming/
outgoing network packets to a different network interface.That is done with
creating the ENV(ARC): variable ENV(ARC):Roadshow/ip/forwarding.
Open Notepad or your preferred editor and just write an 1 on it, saving this
file as ENVARC:Roadshow/ip/forwarding.

Second, you need to modify your user-startup and adding the following lines to it:

ipf -DFa NIL:
ipf -f SYS:Devs/Internet/ipf.rules -E NIL:
ipnat -CF -f SYS:Devs/Internet/ipnat.rules NIL:

After that you need to create these two files inside SYS:Devs/Internet/ with your
custom configuration, below is an example of each file.


# This is my own configuration for ipfilter command.
# There should be pretty enough information about
# creating a more advanced firewall with better security.

pass out from any to any
pass in from any to any
pass out proto tcp all keep state


# eth3com interface name is the one that has internet access.
# The fixed IP Address, is assigned to our internal network,
# in my case a pci wireless card where we use addresses in the
# range.
# do not forget to change each to your own interface settings.

map eth3com -> eth3com/32 proxy port ftp ftp/tcp
map eth3com -> eth3com/32 portmap tcp/udp 10000:20000
map eth3com -> eth3com/32

After doing all this you should be able to access internet from any computer
on your internal network using your Amiga IP as a gateway value for all the
other machines in such network.
Reboot and enjoy.
Corrections/additions wellcome.

Version Castellano:

Compartir acceso a internet desde una maquina con AmigaOS4:

Escribi esta guia despues de tener que pelear con varios documentos y preguntar
aqui y alla sobre como poder compartir internet desde mi MicroA1 a una red
inalambrica interna.
Esta guia puede usarse con un Amigaone o cualquier otro hardware que corra AmigaOS4
con mas de una tarjeta de red de cualquier tipo.

El primer paso sera decirle a la pila tcp-ip Roadshow que reenvie los paquetes
entrantes/salientes a un interfaz de red diferente.Esto se hace creando la
variable ENV(ARC):Roadshow/ip/forwarding.
Abre notepad o tu editor preferido y teclea un 1 en el, guardando este fichero
como ENVARC:Roadshow/ip/forwarding.

Segundo paso, deberas modificar tu user-startup añadiendo las siguientes lineas:

ipf -DFa NIL:
ipf -f SYS:Devs/Internet/ipf.rules -E NIL:
ipnat -CF -f SYS:Devs/Internet/ipnat.rules NIL:

Despues de esto deberas crear estos dos ficheros dentro de SYS:Devs/Internet/
con tu configuracion especifica,abajo encontraras un ejemplo de cada fichero.


# Esta es mi propia configuracion para el comando ipfilter
# Deberia haber suficiente informacion para crear
# un firewall mas avanzado y seguro.

pass out from any to any
pass in from any to any
pass out proto tcp all keep state


# El interfaz eth3com es el externo, con conexion a internet,
# La direccion ip fija se asigna a la red interna, en este caso la tarjeta wifi,
# en la que usariamos las direcciones
# no olvides cambiar cada uno segun tus propias necesidades.

map eth3com -> eth3com/32 proxy port ftp ftp/tcp
map eth3com -> eth3com/32 portmap tcp/udp 10000:20000
map eth3com -> eth3com/32

Despues de hacer todo esto deberias ser capaz de acceder a internet
desde cualquier ordenador de tu red interna usando la ip de tu Amiga
como valor de gateway o puerta de acceso para todas las otras maquinas
de tu red.

Resetear y disfrutar.
Correcciones/añadidos seran bienvenidos.

Cuida tus piedras gordas.

A1200/030 32Mb

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