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Re: How well does AmigaKit's SCSI2SD V6 board work?
Posted on 14-Dec-2019 0:09:34
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Regular Member
Joined: 10-May-2004
Posts: 228
From: UK

Has anybody had any luck getting the synchronous 5 or 10mb/s modes to work? Seems to be broken to me on my BPPC and I've seen similar reports for the CSPPC. I'm having to use the asynchronous mode to avoid corruption which limits throughout to 2.5mb/s (wish I'd saved 40 and bought the v5.1 instead).

Reads are obviously much faster (I get about 8mb/s), but writes corrupt the partition. I'm using PFS3 (18.5) and the problem instantly shows after formatting a 500mb partition, copying about 250mb of files to it and then using diskvalid. This shows a bunch of serious errors that show corruption occured during writing.

Last edited by Futaura on 14-Dec-2019 at 12:10 AM.

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Re: How well does AmigaKit's SCSI2SD V6 board work?
Posted on 19-Feb-2020 0:00:28
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Regular Member
Joined: 29-Jul-2013
Posts: 141
From: Greater Los Angeles Area


I am restarting this just to ask few follow up questions.

I got a V5.1 board because I have an old GVP controller and I want to make sure it works. I was not concerned much about speed.

It looks like this one.

I want to add the HD led cable to the board, and I see that the places are on the bottom right corner. But which is for the black and which is for the red wire?

Does the board need to be powered externally when connected to the USB port of the PC.?

The board came with a fully installed 4GB OS 3.1 SD card. What would be the best way to make a copy of the SD card to use with WinUAE?

Thank you.

Last edited by Nonefornow on 19-Feb-2020 at 12:02 AM.

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