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Weird A4000 behaviour
Posted on 3-Jul-2019 11:46:18
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I'm attempting to get my A4k back up and running.

It's an A4000/030 originally, socketed buster 11, Cyberstorm MK2 060@50Mhz, an A2065 ethernet card and a CV64, 48 megs of fast ram, 2 megs of chip.

It's a work in progress but there are some weird things going on that I'm wondering if someone has seen or heard of before.

The first is that, before running Setpatch, or turning off caches, the keyboard repeats itself in such a way that it's almost impossible to type. This is obvious when cold or warm-rebooting into a No Startup-Sequence. Turning off the caches in the pre-boot menu, turning off the caches with cpu nocache or running Setpatch all fix the issue. Another seemingly related thing (that is also fixed by caches or setpatch) is the floppy drive trashing around until the same is done. This is an annoyance, but it's weird and I wonder if anyone has heard of this before.

The second is that the Roxxler chip on the Cybervision 64 seems to be dodgy. I've managed to get it to display RTG apps like TVPaint but promoting Workbench is a very mixed bag. There are also artifacts on the displays at every setting of the Memory clock, although at 50Mhz it seems to be usable (lots of artifacts at everything higher than that).

I've tried 3.1 running CyberGraphX,3 3.1 running Picasso 96 from Aminet, and yesterday my copy of 3.1.4 for the A4k on Picasso 96 2.1-e that was floating around.

My best success so far has been in 3.1.4 and by turning off using Planer2chunky hardware on the board in PVS for the Picasso96, that at least enabled me to get it to display the Workbench, but I don't see the mouse pointer sprite, I've tried all combinations of low-res and hi-res sprites as well as hardware and software sprites. In addition smart refresh displays don't work. Can someone post their tooltypes for a working Cybervision 64 setup under Picasso 2.1-e?

In addition to this I've had no luck trying to get Picasso 96 under 3.1.4 to display a 15 or 16 bit screen (only 256 max colors available), has any had any luck with that?


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