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Using a PS4 controller on OS4
Posted on 26-Dec-2019 15:53:18
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Elite Member
Joined: 6-May-2007
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From: Greensborough, Australia

Hey guys.

Has anyone used a PS4 controller with OS4? I've read some threads online about it being compatible but not much more.

So I've been testing one. I got it to work in AmigaInput. But I can't seem to get the rotator working right. Or whatever the analogue joystick thingie is on top right.

In the Prefs they are both called X-axis/Y-axis something which looks like the same thing. I can get the left joy knob working okay. But I can't get the right knob working as it should.

The Prefs is confusing as the left axis cross moves around but the right axis cross doesn't. Also when I exit and reload the Prefs the right cross is in a different position. Apart from that it says to put things at the top or bottom but I think it means left or right. No wonder I can't get it configured!

I've been testing it with Shogo. However movement is shaky and I can't seem to get it working smoothly. Be good if AmigaInput had a guide with it. Also AmigaInput remains to be buggy. I kept hearing static from my speakers with the controller plugged in and the driver soon crashed.

Has anyone been playing Shogo BTW? I found it okay to start with. But now I'm stuck floating up and down on these fans and it sucks more than it blows. Most stupid gamestopper I think I've seen in a game for a while wasting your time.

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