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GDB problems
Posted on 30-Jan-2020 17:02:47
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Super Member
Joined: 26-Mar-2004
Posts: 1136
From: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

I think I last posted about my problems with gdb in 2012. Gdb is a C++ debugger. I posted about how when I was debugging a program and set a breakpoint when using my A1-500 / SAM 460 it would stop at the first breakpoint. Then if I set an additional breakpoint a couple lines down and typed c for continue, it would ignore the breakpoint (and any other breakpoints) and run until the end of the program. Gdb on my micro works as expected. Somebody posted it was a hardware problem with the SAM and nothing could be done about it. Everything was okay if I did my progamming on the micro, even though it was inconvenient. Then I got an X5000 and it did the same thing as the SAM.

Today I discovered something helpful and I wanted to run it by my Amiga buddies. I studied the gdb instructions concerning breakpoints and couldn't find anything helpful. Finally I tried deleting the first breakpoint before setting the next one. It works. When it stops at the first breakpoint, I type "d b", which deletes all the breakpoints, then I set the next one. I type c and it stops at the next breakpoint. This is doable and is better than switching computers. I haven't tried stepping, which probably won't work. I'm wondering if this is consistent with a hardware "problem". If not, can anybody figure out what's going on?

Incidentally, I like db101, but it can't handle anything even slightly complex. The author should work on it some more. I would pay if it did what I needed.

X5000 / AmigaOne 500(OS4.1 FE) / microA1(OS4.1 FE) / Cubic IDE / Imagine / Blender
Lightwave 2019 / Microsoft Visual C++

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Re: GDB problems
Posted on 31-Jan-2020 15:48:43
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Elite Member
Joined: 6-May-2007
Posts: 9933
From: Greensborough, Australia


Thanks for the hints. I don't think it's limited to the Sam. I would have had the same trouble on my XE for years. And I have the same trouble on my X1000. Something broke in GDB and it hasn't been fixed since. So, in reality, anyone using the current SDK version including any OS developers, have been unable to test and debug any code with GDB.

I tried to compile it myself from the old patches and related source on OS4 Depot. But never could. I wanted to fix our broken one as well as activate the text GUI which for some reason is disabled in OS4.

As it happens, I've also found another work around, just tonight. Can't do single stepping which would be useful. But another way to break at the points is to set a breakpoint and use the "run" command. But it it gets stuck at the PC.

I share your experience with DB101. I found it showed promise but easily got confused and then crashed. There are sources for it.

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