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      /  Can you install AmigaOS 3.2 direct from the CD-Rom?
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Re: Can you install AmigaOS 3.2 direct from the CD-Rom?
Posted on 10-Dec-2022 2:50:14
#21 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 10-Mar-2003
Posts: 977
From: Unknown


The worse part is how they put the key on a sticker in some plastic that is disposable after you open it. I through it away and later had to literally search in the garbage to find it, a comical scene not all would be willing to do... Luckily I did find it!! But if I hadn't found out about the key placement almost by accident it would be lost forever...
Have they changed the placement of the sticker ? Maybe that's up to the vendor that sells it too, to be fair, I can't remember the details cause my A4000 is waiting for repair for ages so I'm not using it at all...



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Re: Can you install AmigaOS 3.2 direct from the CD-Rom?
Posted on 10-Dec-2022 4:54:28
#22 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 7-Mar-2003
Posts: 2010
From: Canada


I never had OS3.9 or TurboPrint so I don't know.

However, the following 68K programs do work fine:
Final Writer 97
Cloanto Personal Paint version 7.1 also known as PPaint
Amiga Basic
AmigaVision Authoring System
Microfiche Filer
MaxiPlan 500


Last edited by redfox on 11-Dec-2022 at 02:54 PM.
Last edited by redfox on 10-Dec-2022 at 09:34 PM.

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Re: Can you install AmigaOS 3.2 direct from the CD-Rom?
Posted on 11-Dec-2022 13:07:42
#23 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 6-May-2007
Posts: 10925
From: Greensborough, Australia


It seems even more strange what I am reading here. The CDROM set up with correct device and unit. But if that wasn't setup the CD wouldn't even mount in the first place so how does this matter?

Like anything it should be using the volume name to look for it.

Does it actually look for a CDROM device? A CD0 device? It sounds like a very strange installer.

All that should be needed is to double click an install icon and it figures out the rest. But it doesn't seem so simple. Not by reading this thread.

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Re: Can you install AmigaOS 3.2 direct from the CD-Rom?
Posted on 12-Dec-2022 1:41:28
#24 ]
Joined: 16-Oct-2009
Posts: 90
From: UK


If you reread the first paragraph of my post (#17) you will hopefully see that it works exactly as (I think) you correctly say it should work … i.e. if you are putting the disk into an Amiga with OS 3.1, 3.5 or 3.9 that has a fully working CD-ROM the OS3.2 disk appears like every other disk & if you click on where it tells you to it installs!

If you read the last sentence of post #17 I'm sure you understand why I mentioned the mount file. On all Amiga OS's through to 3.9 (& now 3.2) you always need to make sure you give the system both the correct device name & unit number before any CD disks will show up, when you put them in the drive! You can use a boot floppy for this if OS 3.1 or above isn't already installed.

The bit that potentially could be confusing is that the disk enables you to install it buy copying it's contents elsewhere, e.g. I guess on a PC that's networked to your Amiga or use Winuae to copy to a Zip disk or perhaps another Amiga bootable drive or converting the adf disks provided back to real floppies & installing that way. A lot of people don't have CD drives attached to their Amiga so all these options are very helpful .

If your surprised it doesn't work like any modern (as in made in the last 20 odd years) PC & automatically see the CD-ROM on power on (without using a boot floppy) & then boot from it if a bootable disk is in the drive, the simple answer why, is that it's a 29-37 year old computer. I know the Kickstart space is extremely limited so it may not be realistic to add that feature, but it may not just be about space.

Hope this clarifies for yourself & anyone else who is a bit baffled.

A2000+Supra28mhz+9mbRAM+OS3.2.2, CD32 & WinUAE

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Re: Can you install AmigaOS 3.2 direct from the CD-Rom?
Posted on 12-Dec-2022 3:21:11
#25 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 1-Nov-2004
Posts: 211
From: Melbourne, OZ


You open the install drawer and then double-click the 'StartHere' icon.

A requester opens up telling you what to do next, but basically you open the mounted Install_3.2 adf, open the Install folder and then launch the installer in the usual way by clicking on the icon for your language.

Things are normal from here and the adf files will be mounted/unmounted as needed.

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Re: Can you install AmigaOS 3.2 direct from the CD-Rom?
Posted on 12-Dec-2022 10:09:09
#26 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 11-Aug-2005
Posts: 6840
From: UK


Sold! Thanks for the advice.

"Art challenges technology. Technology inspires the art."
John Lasseter, Co-Founder of Pixar Animation Studios

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