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P2Pah WoTLK: You're using arcane power
Posted on 10-Sep-2023 3:11:23
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From: Unknown

Same with your trinkets, for instance, your trinket should have two minutes of cooldown time on it, you don't want to use it right when it's off cooldown. You can simply WoTLK Gold wait until the icy veins and arcane power is off CD for that final moment of burst before the fight finishes because you know, the fight is going to last for about 3 minutes.

And if the fights only say two minutes, though there's no way to tell you're using arcane power at the time it is off cooldown because icy veins isn't going to be off cooldown before the fight ends, because it's a 2 and a half or 2.4 minutes of cooldown. So you have to know the length of the fight to maximize cooldown use.

And you want to maximize your amount and burst windows however, not at the cost of your CDs. This is basically a little game with knowing how long it will fight is. Then you kind of have to get used to that and get used to knowing how long the fights depend on your guild and the speed at which you take down the bosses.

The way I usually do it is to look over the previous week's kills.It's 60 seconds. This is the only issue with this table. Take note of this table I should say and tailoring behavior against her and your champion. Making your own tailoring options is step with that cloaking Champ and The proc and CD stacking. It makes it the next best by far for DPS. It's also Jewelcrafting over everything else. Then it's into inscriptional alchemy and leatherworking. chanting are all related to buy WoTLK Gold the same. From there, blacksmithing and then everything else.

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